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This mods adds several detailed Faction themed bunker's to explore as you complete several Quests. Once completed, you are rewarded over six Power Armor Paint Jobs , Desert Combat Armor, two unique legendary weapons, and your own Enclave themed Bunker player home located next to Sanctuary.

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Once you are at least level 10 or higher, a quest will automatically start and guide you through several unique dungeons to obtain your new bunker player home. This mod includes eight quests in total, and countless unique models and textures to give the mod a unique and interesting feel as you explore the many new areas that this mod adds to the Commonwealth. Pay close attention as you explore each area or you may miss out on the rewards and lore. Refer to the trailer for a sneak peak of what this mod has to offer. 

-Faction flags: NCR, East Coast Brotherhood, Outcasts, and Enclave. (both wall and flagpole variants)
-Enclave themed Radio Station (plus workshop radio tuned to that frequency.
-Workshop Enclave bed, propaganda posters, and crate
-Various Power Armor Paintjobs: Anchorage T-51, Army T-51, Brotherhood T-45, Outcast T-45, Lyon's Pride T-45, Enclave X-01, Sigma Squad X-01.
-Workshop Barricades and Enclave Radar Dish.

The Bunker Home:
The design of Lima Detachment was based off of Fallout: New Vegas' "Remnants Bunker". Of course I spiced it up a bit since the New Vegas bunker was pretty barren. It comes complete with all workbenches, ample Power Armor Workstations (Linked Together and Share Resources), working Water Purifier, Coffee Maker, and Fusion Core Charger. Also includes the Exercise Bike and Bench Press from the Vault-Tec DLC, several display mannequins that can have the gender switched via Terminal, and lots of weapon display racks. The bunker also includes a unique Med Station that will heal your wounds, radiation, and cure addictions. In the entrance hall there is a working decontamination arch that will rid you of any radiation. The Mess Hall has a fridge to store your food, and will cool all Vim, Beer, and Nuka Cola beverages after six in-game hours. Also included in the room is Elianora's unique Bobblehead and Robot Model display shelves. The player room has a bed that provides the Well-Rested bonus and displays the player's name, and a terminal to access the PA system that can play music from any of the three main Radio Stations being broadcasted in the Commonwealth. A unique Enclave-Themed Radio Station can be activated from the Player Terminal once the bunker is obtained. The bunker also includes a Requisition Terminal to purchase Enclave armors, weapons, meds etc.....(Similar to the one located in Atlas Summit). Once you obtain the bunker, examine the war map in the "Mission Ready Room" for additional quests that will lead you to several new Faction-based dungeons to explore and obtain the hidden rewards in them. Also, as you complete each faction themed quest, you will unlock buildable settlement objects. These include: Radio tuned to Federal Frequency E14, two Enclave Propaganda Posters,  NCR wall flag and flagpole, Outcast wall flag and flagpole, Enclave wall flag and flagpole, and a unique Brotherhood of Steel wall flag and flagpole. Also, has a small quest surrounding what happened to the Protagonist in Fallout 3.

****One of the bunkers was heavily inspired by a mod author very dear to me. When XricsX first released his astounding mod Standalone Enclave X-01 Power Armor Paintjob - Lore Fix, it included a Enclave bunker to explore when the player went to obtain the Enclave X-01 Power Armor. This bunker has since been removed, but to show my appreciation to him for all of his hard work, I created a similar experience for players who want to obtain the Squad Sigma X-01 Power Armor. To start the small quest, check the desk in the player's quarters at Lima Detachment once you obtained the bunker, you should find a small Enclave Intel Holotape which upon reading it should start the quest automatically. The bunker needs to be explored thoroughly in order to find all of the missing keycards. In order to stay true to XricsX's amazing work, no quest objective markers will be there to hold your hand. Please visit XricsX's original mod page and endorse it if you haven't done so in the past.****

Mod Conflicts/Compatibility Issues:
None at the moment

If updating to version 1.7 from any previous version then a clean save or new game is a must in order for it to work properly .

Requires all DLC, and no I will not be releasing any form of non-DLC version, or be uploading this on Bethesda.net because that website is a nightmare. Sorry! Your best bet for installation is to use the Nexus Mod Manager. But if you want to manually download it then just place the ESP, and two BA2 files into your Fallout 4 Data folder.

-Federal Frequency E14 is silent? Make sure you activated it in your player terminal located in the Lima Detachment bedroom. If the radio ever becomes silent (Common Fallout 4 bug),  just re-activate it with the same terminal.
-The buildable radio and flags/posters aren't showing up in your settlement build menu? Make sure you've completed all the quests to unlock them! You need to complete each quest from the Enclave War Map to unlock everything this mod has to offer.

Xbox Version
Damanding and CrayonKit has sole permission to upload and bugfix the Xbox version of this mod, no other users are permitted to do so.

(If I missed someone please let me know ASAP!!!!)

-Seddo4494, for his Youtube scripting Tutorials (and mods).
-RedRocketTV, for his helpful and amazing YouTube tutorials (and mods), as well as assisting me with the scripting for the Mini Fridge.
-XricsX, for the inspiration and help that drove me to learn the CK, and testing each version of the mod for me.  Also, allowing modders to use his X-01 Re-texture: Standalone Enclave X-01 Power Armor Paintjob - Lore Fix
DogtoothCG and unoctium, for there amazing creations which sparked my interest in the modding community. 
DogtoothCG for allowing me to use his Enclave Officers Uniform
Elianora for every wonderful house mod she has created, and allowing me to use some assets from her Elianora's Fallout Junk Yard, as well as her custom bobblehead stand from her mod: Craftable Display Shelves, you are amazing Eli!
-wubilyu for allowing me to use his meshes and textures from his mod: Plunketts Duster, thank you again my friend!
-jepassaisparici (Alexh1)  - Creator of the Fallout 3 First Aid Kit and House Meshes/Textures
-KristSilvershade and Junders Plunkett - Creator of the Fallout 3 Server Meshes/Textures
-nickdb93, for the use of some of his resources from his amazing mod. Check it out for yourself! Enclave Oil Rig
-dertspovor06 for the use of his televisions Televisions of the Wasteland
-tacoduck300 for the use of his Fallout 3 - Chinese Commando Uniform 
- Cooler than Coolest Guy and TorqueDigital for use of Miami's Enclave Chairs, Tables, Radar Towers/Pillars, and barricades  that will be used in the upcoming amazing mod: Fallout Miami, check out the trailer and more work from this artist: https://www.artstation.com/cooler-than-coolest-guy
-thanks to Ryan Herbert and the Fallout Cascadia team for allowing me to use their amazing Tent Meshes and textures!
-NUDEL for his Enclave Colonel Outfit variants, Steak Knife, and Pint Sized Slasher Mask, Incincerator and Hellfire Helm, classic TV
-KalibKadafi for his Enclave door, doorframe, and stasis pods, as well as some textures
-redBadger from the Fallout: Miami team for his custom Enclave door sounds 
-Nihito for his Submarine mesh and textures
-captain-ultimate for allowing me to use his Tesla X01 power armor meshes!
-Mikado and customtemplar for various items from there mod Wasteland Imports