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Adds the Railroad Handmaiden outfit based on TheKite's own character Cécile Rose de Ségur. Has both female and male versions of all parts. Each part of the outfit (Fedora/Cigarette/Gloves/Underarmor/Overcoat) has it's own customization options.

Permissions and credits

Artwork by TheKite!

"Cécile Rose de Ségur, also known as the Handmaiden, was a professional assassin  of French descent, born in Seattle, working for the Railroad, finding interest in the small group's cause. Seemingly from high birth given her mannerism, she ultimately moved to San Francisco during her young to start up as professional assassin, her debuts knowing some rocky contracts. Little is known about Cécile's early life, but it was suggested that she briefly partnered with the mercenary Conrad Kellogg, until a tragedy had Kellogg disengage from any partnership and go lone wolf, his trail going cold in the Commonwealth. Cécile then went solo for a few years, before the death of Conrad Kellogg reached her ears, causing her to leave for the Massachusetts.

She would progressively rebuild and resurrect the Boylston Club after setting herself in Goodneighbor and establishing a reputation for herself through working as "problem solvers" for increasingly big clients. She notably worked for Mags Black, prior to the rise of the OverBitch.

She was recruited by the Railroad as "tourist", and would meet and partner with the Railroad agent Anna Grey, eventually assisting her in various undertaking, such as finding a way to cure her sister Alexia, or generally eliminate troublesome targets for both women, for the Railroad, or much later, for the Minutemen General Mercy.

It is known that she participated in the War for the Commonwealth of 2298.

Years after, the Boyston Club became a renowned location for assassins, triggermen, spies and people of influences in the Commonwealth; in her honor, the members of the Club would wear her signature clothing, carrying her legend through the history of the wasteland, one bullet at time."

The OverBitch series (lore)

The outfit comes in 5 parts, Fedora, Cigarette, Gloves, Outfit (underarmor), and Overcoat (overarmor). Each part has its own customization, check the unique mods section below for a fully detailed breakdown. For the sake of visibility the Cigarette's inventory model includes the fedora. All parts of the outfit can be found in a backup stash in the Old North Church (above RR HQ), or can be crafted at a chemlab.

While not required, I cannot suggest enough registrator2000's Crafting Highlight Fix. His F4se plugin will allow you to have color previews in the crafting menu.

-Found in a coffin stash in the catacombs beneath the Old North Church (End of the freedom trail, before the Railroad's Headquarters).
--Check the screenshot section for an exact location.
-Crafted at any chemlab.


Fedora: Skin

Cigarette: Mesh / Skin (note: the Cig's inventory/ground model includes the fedora so that it's easier to see)
-Cigarette holder
-Cigarette worn

Gloves:  Skin

Outfit (underarmor): Skin / Mesh / Suspenders / Underwear
---Pants and shirt (male/female)
---Pants, shirtless(male/female)
---Corset and shirt (female only)
---Corset, shirtless (female only)
---Garter and shirt (female only)
---Garter, shirtless (female only)
---Female only, requires a Garter mesh to be active to be visible.

Overcoat: Mesh / Lantern / Lantern Paint / Skin / SS Toggle
---Full Overcoat (open)
---Full Overcoat (closed)
---Short Coat (open)
---Short Coat (closed)
---Cutoff Coat (open)
---Cutoff Coat (closed)
---Front left
---Back Right
-Lantern Paint
-Silver Shroud Toggle
---While wearing the original SS costume at the armor bench this option becomes available on the overcoat
---When enabled the overcoat will act as the Silver Shroud Costume during the quest.

--Handmaiden (Default) - Black-Grey
--Private Eye- Tan
--Gumshoe - Bluered Pinstripe
--Enclave- Tan-Black
--Olive - Green-Orange
--Jester - Purple-Green
--Oxblood - Red-black
--Angel - White
--Hornet - Yellow Black Pinstripe

--Skins provide no functionality or bonuses, they are purely cosmetic.
--'Handmaiden (Default)' and 'Private Eye' skins are 2k resolution with the Nexus download.
--The free Skin pack from Gumroad enables full resolution for all the skins.
--Both the 2k and 4k skin packs are their own 'textures.ba2' file, only one can be installed at a time.


This mod is feature complete from the Nexus download, it's mechanics are fully functional. However I have also made available a 'skin pack' through Gumroad for free at

-Every part of the mod is completely free
-The Nexus download is fully functional with 2k resolution for the two lore friendly skins.
-The extra cosmetic skins in the Nexus download have low-res placeholders to keep the ugly pink default texture from showing in-game.
-The Gumroad download is "pay what you want", with a minimum of 0.00 USD.
-Meaning that every part of this mod is still free. No charges are required anywhere, and if you do choose to pay it is still considered a donation.
-You do not need to give gumroad a real email address.
-There is a second 4k texture download that ups the resolution all of the skins including the two base skins.


Q: How come there's no textures with the Nexus download?
A: The base-line textures are packed into the 'Main.ba2'. This is so that there's less confusion with overwrites, and the mod can always function without additional downloads.

Q: Is this paid mods?
A: No, every part of the mod is still free. The fully functional mod is free right here on the Nexus, just like mods have always been. Gumroad considers anything with a zero minimum price adonation, which means even if you choose to pay for the pack you are still just donating.

Q: What is in the download at Gumroad?
A: Texture files pre-packed into a BA2. Installing the 2k or 4k pack is as simple as dropping the 'textures.ba2' into your *steam*/steamapps/common/fallout4/data folder.

Q: Do I need a Gumroad account?
A: Nope, Gumroad remembers what you've downloaded based on your email. If you want to download something again later but don't remember the link you can make an account with the same email and it will show up at Because the content is free you do not need to give Gumroad a real email address, the download link is provided on-site.

Q: Why do this if everything to do with the mod is free anyway?
A: Several reasons: This helps me build a following outside of the Nexus. This keeps the filesize down so people can get the mod quickly. People who don't care about the extra skins don't have to download an extra 400 MB, and Gumroad also offers an uncapped bandwidth limit for all users (Nexus caps at 1024 kb/s for non-premium accounts), which is ideal for large files like the 1.6 gigabyte 4k texture pack. This also streamlines donations for the folks that don't want to deal with paypal.

Q: Performance with 4k textures?
A: Outfits are good for ultra high res textures because of the way they usually load while the game is paused. Even still, you might notice a performance hiccup while equipping the outfit depending on your hardware. If you do run into performance issues I would suggest keeping both the 2k and 4k downloads and simply switching them in/out when you want to take screenshots.

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!


Version notes:

-Fixed some COBJ records that were preventing some customization.

-Added Nick's Synth Race flag so that he can wear the outfit without other mods
-Lowered the weight of the underarmor/overcoat
-Potentially fixed issues with purple lamp, was unable to test this myself.
-Added the Cigarette to the chemlab
-Added a special Silvershroud toggle on the Overcoat
---This will allow the overcoat to act as the Silvershroud costume for the duration of the quest.

-Fixed BS/OS files

Manual Installation:
Place all files for this mod in your *steam*/steamapps/common/fallout4/data folder. The Gumroad download is not packed into a .zip/.rar (it's already a compressed archive as a .ba2) you only need to drop it in the same *steam*/steamapps/common/fallout4/data folder.

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