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The plugin extends the capabilities of companions: hire up to 16, remote teams to the group, teleporting, markers, stats and parameters, place in the vertibird, endless ammunition, relax, to remove helmets, change clothes and others.

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Plugin for those who like to play with companions and take care of them.
The plugin extends the capabilities of companions: hire up to 16, remote teams to the group, teleporting, markers, stats and parameters, place in the vertibird, endless ammunition, relax, to remove helmets, change clothes and others.

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- the admission of potential and non-potential companions up to 16 and a dog,
- on/off the acceptance of the non-unique NPCs;
- remote commands for all companions in the vicinity: attack, flee, relax, waiting;
- change of clothing at home and in settlements;
- teleportation;
- markers on the map
- the ability to release the companion into his own home;
- dismissal of the companion without dialogue with him;
- access to equipment of the not hostile NPCs;
- companions cured themselves stimpaks in combat and water outside.

- setting aggressiveness, courage, reciprocity, distance of accompaniment, immortality, restraint-time between random replicas;
- the designation of combat styles for the change of weapons, depending on the distance of the battle;
- the appointment of places in vertibird;
- on/off infinite ammo;
- on/off the invulnerability of the Power armor;
- on/off damage in the fall;
- on/off immortality and protection;
- on/off repetitive romantic confessions;
- select a hot key for the command menu.

- view parameters: level, current and basic health, action points, portable weight, resistance, special;
- to choose an individual increase in all parameters.

When you enter the game you will have three teddy bears for companions and one holotape of companions, three new prescriptions in the chemical laboratory for the production of these bears, a holotape and group buttons.

If the companion is given a teddy bear for the traveler, he can independently change clothes in friendly settlements and his marker will appear on the map. All this will remain, even if the companion is fired. If the bear is picked up, the abilities and the marker will disappear. Sputnik can accept and use one set of armor and an infinite number of clothes. When you transfer things to the companion, he remembers the thing, when you take it away, he forgets. If you take away the bear - the companion will forget everything and you will need to supply it with a bear for the companion, pick up, give away his clothes and armor. Every day he will independently change his clothes. Headgear, hat will be worn, but the helmet will remove and put on only in combat. If something does not want to wear, take the thing back and give it to him again. The presence of bears and acceptance into the team are independent of each other.
Companions with a Companion teddy bear themselves can restore their health with purified and dirty water from their inventory, along with a stimpak. In the left corner of the screen, a corresponding message will appear with the name of the particular companion if his health drops below ¾ and he does not have any medication, and a message appears when he is cured. In combat, the companion can be cured only by stimpaks. Outside the battle will be spent in order: dirty water, clean water, last but not least, stimpaks when the water runs out. Health is restored completely from one unit of medicine.

The holotape is needed for teleporting companions and controlling their parameters. The settings of aggressiveness, courage, mutual assistance, escort distance, a place in the vertibird, immortality - everything is there. Settings are only available for hired companions.
The "G" keypad is the default hotkey for remote commands to the hired companions. Pressing "G" brings up a menu of commands for the entire group. Only the nearby companions will hear these commands. Therefore, it becomes possible to divide the group without dismissal. The whole group to leave to rest in the right place, and someone from the group to take with the usual team. The command to spend the night will provide all the companions with sleeping bags, the survivor will also get if there is a dog in the team. There will also be a bag in which you can store supplies, and a hotbed for cooking. In this hearth, nothing can be stored - everything will be lost. The team to accompany will clear the place of spending the night away from these things.

The "G" keypad can be reassigned to several other keys to select or assign the item "*Companions: commands" to the key in the usual way. This is useful if you are using hotkey mode and the reassignment does not work.
A resting companion at night will lie down to sleep if there is a free bed nearby. After 6 hours of continuous sleep, the companion will have a temporary bonus of 20 to health and speed of recovery, movement speed and 2 to luck. The bonus will disappear after 12 hours.
The escort distance in stealth is greatly increased, the companions will no longer be pushed and stand under the sight.
Quick commands menu has button to reconcile all companions with a player for peaceful conflict resolution.
Teleport works only for hired companions.

F4SE version is not lower than 3.0

Not yet detected.

With plugins that extend the capabilities of companions and changing FollowersScript.pex - an escort system.
If found, then you can move the plugin below in the download list.
The plugin overwrites the main interaction script with companions - FollowersScript.pex.

If you installed plugins that use FollowersScript.pex, delete them and make a clean save.
Check that the F4SE version is at least 3.0. If not, install. The game does not load it, but helps the companions.
Wrye Bash: Wrye Bash instructions for Bain-installers;
NMM: following the NMM instruction;
Manually: unzip the archive with the 7-zip program, Liga.esp, Liga-Main.ba2 files, and place the Sripts folder in the Data folder of the game, confirm the merge, tick the Liga.esp checkbox in the plugin manager.

1. Put things out of all bags. Prepare the plugin for removal with the Safe delete button in the holodisk. Wait for the end, exit the game.
Delete the mod using the mods manager or manually: uncheck the Liga.esp in the plugin manager, delete the Liga.esp, Liga-Main.ba2 files and from the Game Data folder, Followerscript.pex, CompanionCrimeFactionHostilityScript.pex files and few files contains “Liga” in names from the Fallout 4 \ Data \ Scripts folder.

Dheuster for the way and data for interjections.