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About this mod

Adds a new craftable and upgradable outfit with chest, legs and arms armour, with a few accessories for Males and females.

Permissions and credits
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You can craft the Toxic Raider armour with the armorsmith workbench in various categories and upgrade with the vanilla armor workbench

Toxic Raider contains
A base outfit that can be upgraded with lining and a addon mod. Outfit is avalible for CBBE, Jane Bod, and Vanilla.

Chest, Legs, Arms Armour that can be upgraded from light medium to heavy, and can be improved with material and mod upgrades.

3.Accessories include
    *Gloves upgradeable with addons.
    *Collar +1 Luck.
    *Gas mask upgradeable with addons.
    *Facial piercings +1CHR.
    *Goggles +1 PER also upgradable.

Extra info

Toxic raider is a little bit better then leather armour and includes some poison resistance.
All light medium and heavy armour have new graphics on upgrade.
Body slide files are included in CBBE and Jane Bod.

Optional Downloads

Stand alone Toxic Raider Patch. Removes the requirement of AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended. Download and Install the main version you want first then patch with this.   ((less upgrades available with this version)) Craftable at the chem station and upgradable at the armor workbench.

Gloves No Nails. Removes the Claw/Nails from the female gloves.
Female Gloves Dual Calws. Adds the Claw/Nails to both hands for female gloves.

Female piercings no Nose Ring or Bridge. Removes nose ring and bridge piercing.
Female piercings no Nose Ring. Removes nose ring.

Toxic Raider Pants No Pentagram. Removes the pentagram from both male and female pants.
Toxic Raider 1K Textures. Replaces the 2K textures of toxic raider with 1K textures.

Crafting Display. Adds the gasmask, Collar, Piercings, Gloves to the Raider menu of armorsmith workbench for those of you who cant see them
in the main versions.

Piercing Slot change. Changes the piercings to the headband slot so its compatible with weapons on back mod.

CBBE Requirements!


Armorsmith Extended

Jane Bod Requirements!

Jane Bod

Armorsmith Extended

Vanilla Requirements!

Armorsmith Extended

Future plans

Different textures.
A couple of weapons that match.  (on hold at the moment learning on how to deal with different weapon addons)

(known issue's)

Normal map on thumb claw changes with lighting... not sure how to fix yet.
CBBE hands in vanilla version will fix when in done with another mod.

Enjoy my first mod please report any bugs ill fix them asap.

Bethesda for creating Fallout 4.
Caliente and Ousnius for CBBE and BodySlide/Outfit Studio
VERY BIG thanks to Nightasy & Elianora for the amazing tutorials!