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About this mod

Adds a customizeable Glock 19x into your game.

Permissions and credits
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 "The Glock. Neutral. Universal. Perfect" - Ahoy

Adds the Glock 19x to your game. It shoots things and kills them dead.

- Contains -

6x Ammunition variants
6x Magazines (std & quick eject options)
5x Muzzle options (Compensator & Suppressors)
5x Optics (Reflex sights)
4x Barrels (threaded & non-threaded)
4x Grip cover options
3x Triggers
2x Flashlights
2x Lasersight colours
Independent frame & slide colour customization
6x Frame (colour/material) variations
8x Slide (colour/material) variations
6x Damage modifiers
Semi and full-auto fire

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Mod requires game version 1.10.163

mcgFemaleWalk mod is NOT compatible with the gun's current anims.
Do not use these mods together otherwise the gun will be broken in 3rd person.

- 3 Sources -

1) "Old Man Tomlin" Raider-based NPC found in Concord building (drug store)
2) Craftable at Chem Bench
3) Spawns on Gunners at LVL30+

Font: Military Font 7 by Style-7
Base Animations: Shiny Haxorus (Robersonb1) & Ajhakra
Sounds: NavaroBL with edits by Ardent

- Mod Parts -

Glock 19x: bodyacrypt
Glock 17 parts: Artlynnik
Glock 19 parts, Aimpoint ACRO, Leupold Deltapoint, Inforce APLc, Streamlight TLr-7,
Hybrid and Osprey Suppressors: Parallax Game Studios
Long mag: farkas-denesergo
Grips mesh work and substance painter help: IcestormNG
Glass, laser configs & dot textures: FX0x01
Ammunition configs & optic reticles: NovaFinch
Cubemaps: Ajhakra

- Special Thanks -

Toni the Beard, Zephraim, WhiskeyRiver, MyCart & Neto for Brazil
Littlelight, RAMPAGE1911, Batgirl, jerboaDS, jray86 & everyone else who provided their ace screenshots
Everyone who tested the betas

Thank you all for your help and contributions!