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Mod of the month Oct 2019!! "The Bleachers" is a new, NPC occupied, Diamond City district below the bleacher seats. Befriend the citizens of the bleachers, hear their stories, earn their trust. 5 new voiced NPCs, a new central player home, many workshop items, new merchants, decorated new locations, and 4 new multi-part quests to get it all.

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NOTE: "The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story" is a player home, workshop mod, quest mod, merchant mod, interior cell mod, and radio station. The Bleachers District of Diamond City is an all-new richly decorated, voiced NPC occupied location under the center field and left field outfield stands of Diamond City.


Over a decade ago, a hungry and homeless Diamond City native named Mr. Dr. Pepper chased a cat into a service tunnel in the outfield. The cat squeezed behind some plywood covering a doorway blocked by a huge pile of lawn mowers and debris - a passage long since forgotten and left to ruin - leading to the underside of the bleacher seats of Diamond City. Undeterred, our starving hero spent the better part of the afternoon clearing a way through that doorway only to stumble upon the beautiful Nuka-Cola(r) Left Field Diner, a Nuka World satellite location built inside the stadium in anticipation of playoffs and The World Series the year the bombs fell. A few hours later, after having looked around underneath the bleacher seats, Mr. Dr. Pepper, his belly full of grilled catburger, made the decision to remove the plywood from the windows, clean up the diner, and open it for business for the first time in over 200 years. Thus the Bleachers District of Diamond City was born. It is also a prequel to my even larger mod "The Fens Sheriff's Department" (see the entry for The Sheriff below). I let my imagination take me where it will, and I hope you'll enjoy the results. 

The occupants are like most citizens of Diamond City - paranoid about the Institute, preoccupied with the kidnappings, suspicious of McDonough, and just trying to survive to the next day with their friends and family intact. Most of them have a lot to say about The Commonwealth and its citizens with dozens of rumor and information dialogue lines. So get talking, find out about the place and how they feel about the world around them!

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Ever notice the sheer amount of real estate available to Bethesda when making Diamond City? Of course. It's a professional baseball stadium!
Tons of room! Have you ever seen the lovely full spreads of Diamond City in the official Fallout 4 art book? They're stunning. Obviously Diamond City was intended to be a bustling center of trade and social life in The Commonwealth, filled with NPCs going about their daily lives for you to interact with and build up a vivid picture of a breathing game experience in your mind. Instead, Bethesda filled 25% of it with something about the size of Riften (minus the docks, Ratway tunnels, Thieves guild, and Jarl's house), but with fewer and less compelling quests, interiors, and NPCs. Then they tossed up a bunch of collision planes so you couldn't explore the empty space, and finally phoned in Goodneighbor - a kick to the nuts about the size of Winterhold (minus the Mage's guild). It must have been a late night, because that's when they called it "Good-enough" for village/city life in the entire game, put a price tag on it, and went to sleep. Throw in a plot line so poorly thought out that all the actions of the major antagonist, The Institute, make literally -zero- strategic sense with regards to their mission statement (Seriously Bethesda, did NOBODY at your studio pick up on that? WTF?), and you've got yourself a painfully typical case of the Fallout 4s.

It's little wonder people are always looking for mods that use some of that space in Diamond City. If Beth didn't fill it, why not us modders?

"The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story" is a continuation of what was originally intended to be a simple showcase mod for my stained glass workshop mod.

What you get:
 You will have access to:
- 5ish hours of new quest content
- New playerhome under the bleacher seats of Diamond City
- 5 new total voiced NPCs, 2000ish lines of dialogue total including PC lines with a lot of ambience scripting including showers, pajamas, and over 20 short ambience dialogue conversations
- A heavily reworked "Left Field Diner" and fully voiced merchant/owner
- An all new T-60 "brownstone rubble" camouflage pattern
- Over 20 new load screens
- A custom Gerber Downrange tomahawk, the Sheriff's signature weapon
- The Sheriff's Furiosa inspired cyber arm outfit
- 4 new richly decorated NPC bedrooms in a residential district with voiced NPCs
- A soft jazz radio station featuring 49 new tracks and a lovely new diner jukebox to play them on (or use your pipboy)
- A bioluminescent "Center Field Greenhouse" and its merchant/owner
- GIANT workshop component to this mod where you can build most of what you see in The Bleachers.
- The task of befriending the citizens of the Bleachers - because finishing the 4 new multipart quests is the only way you're going to get that playerhome and all that awesome workshop bling bling*!!

*No, really... your bling bling package for your settlement, game, and/or gear includes: New animated bioluminescent vines, flowers, and flora in many styles and colors. Build what you see in the greenhouse at your own settlement!!  Glowing Nuka Cola mix varieties to use as lanterns and snapping hooks to hang them, 2 souvenir FO76 style Nuka Cola lamps, glowing hot plate with animated heat refraction, animated freshly poured cups of Nuka Cola, Quantum, Victory, and Quartz, new flags, broken stained glass wall clocks, 2 NEW Nuka mix flavors (Nuka Heat and Nuka Clear Winter), new food, many of the lamps you see in the Diner, a beehive with actual bees and sound that produces honey (WTF?? Hell yeah, you read that right!!), Pre-war and Post-war Wall-O-Matic Jukeboxes, Nuka Cola cryo cooler to chill your drinks, a new set of diner furniture where the NPCs eat the diner's famous Mom's Spaghetti dish instead of the same boring steak, 2 new styles of bed, a NEW T-60 Power Armor paint job, a lit looksmenu mirror that seems to jam less, and a surly Diamond City mailman doing his rounds, and an animated Bio Workbench (Chem bench) that can lay a serious hurt on your GPU, so maybe only use it in inside cells, K? - So finish your quests!

NOTE: You will get a cheat holotape when you start the first quest. Use it to teleport NPCs that accompany you to your location in case of problems, use it to skip ALL the quests and get the booty, or use it to skip individual missions where you might not want to schlep all the way out to Far Harbor or Nuka World.

How to start the quests: Go into the outfield of Diamond City. You will see a ramp leading to what is quite obviously a Nuka Cola themed Diner. Walk up the ramp (Companions have trouble pathing this, sorry), and activate the divider rope at the top to enter The Left Field Diner. The residents are quite wary of strangers and downright paranoid about synths - and you're a stranger aren't you? I'm sure someone will be along to find out why you're in their neighborhood, stranger. :)

TLDR: Ask Lily for work. The rest will go organically from there if you just take the jobs, watch the quest markers, and listen to the NPCs when they tell you who to talk to next.

I've worked hard to try and bring some dimension to the residents of The Bleachers, including dozens of lines of rumors, set dressing items that change with quest progression, gossip about the locals, over 20 ambiance conversations between the new NPCs with some adjusting to storyline progress, and even an entire quest with nearly 500 lines of dialogue devoted to developing the 4 NPCs. Expect them to have their own daily routines - shower, work, sleep outfits, lunch, dinner, and relaxation... except the Sheriff, who can't relax.

Mr. Dr. Pepper: (Merchant, Quest Giver, 504 lines): Mr. Dr. Pepper makes his return from The Left Field Diner mod with a new questline, an overhauled Diner, new dialogue, and a mean plate of razorgrain spaghetti - the house specialty. Born and raised in Diamond City, Mr. Dr. Pepper became the serendipitous founder of The Bleachers District when a cat he was chasing for dinner escaped into a boarded over doorway buried behind a pile of lawnmowers. His hunger got the better of him, so he cleared away the debris and forced open the door, only the find the forgotten Left Field Diner and the corridors beyond. (Beth didn't fill it, why not me? At least I don't charge for my crappy work) His day got even better when he caught that cat and turned it into a burger. He's got some unique insights that might be worth listening to, as well as over 20 short ambience conversations with Dr. M (if you time it right).

Dr. Barbara McClintock (Merchant, Quest Giver, 631 lines): Like her namesake, Dr. McClintock is a plant molecular biologist. She is originally a resident of Vault 81, and studied under Dr. Penske, but had to leave the Vault when her experiments grew too large for either Dr. Penske's lab or the Vault to contain. She maintains good relations with Vault 81, much to the benefit of The Bleachers. She will tell you the story of how she ended up in The Bleachers with a bioluminescent greenhouse if you just ask her. The goal of her work is to bring food security to the commonwealth. How? Like all scientists, she won't shut up about her work, so ask her about that too; caveat emptor - Dr. M's technical lines were written by a RL mol biologist who idolizes the RL Dr. McClintock and also can't shut up. In addition to items from her greenhouse, Dr. McClintock sells syringer ammo and is the only source in the game for the valuable queen bees required to construct hives in your settlement. Dr. McClintock doubles as a walking information kiosk, so she has plenty to say about her work, people, factions, history, rumors, and current events.

Lily (Guide, Quest Giver, 444 lines): Lily is a battle-hardened scrappy Atom Cat with serious anger issues and a soft spot for dogs. She acts as a courier to bring Power Armor parts between the Atom Cat garage and The Fens Sheriff's Department (explained below). She grew up an orphan in Diamond City and left with Zeke to become one of the founding members of the Atom Cats and its first Fixer. Years later, it was this link with Diamond City that led her to take up the mantle of Power Armor courier, so she could return to see extended family. When it became clear the tools needed to recondition the Power Armor were far superior at Diamond City, she moved back there into a room in The Bleachers and hasn't looked back. She is quite paranoid about outsiders - befriend Lily, and you're in with the crew. I could tell you more, but she'll be happy to tell you herself.

The Sheriff (Doesn't like you, or anyone, 84 lines): The Sheriff has the personality of a cold, dead fish, little time for you, and only a few handfuls of lines at this point in the mod. She is the head of The Fens Sheriff's Department (FSD), a mod I am currently working on which fills out the remaining space in the stadium administrative offices and right field. The Sheriff's Department is charged with security -outside- the Diamond City wall and establishing a safe buffer zone around Diamond City. They are battle hardened soldiers that one would expect to encounter from someone who has had an urban gunfight with Super Mutants/Gunners/Raiders/Synths/Forged a couple times a week for a decade - positively bad ass. Since I am but one person, however, The Sheriff is the only FSD member to make an appearance at this time. Pay attention to some of the interactions the Sheriff has with the NPCs and what they say about her, it will give you a clue to the storylines in the next mod to come. A great deal of the build, weapons, and armor is done for the FSD. I am using what I learned in this mod to start new quests and storylines.

Rizzo (NPC, pseudo-quest giver, 30 lines): Rizzo is an Atom Cat and Lily's boyfriend currently residing in the Atom Cat's garage East of Quincy. Cooler than Kelvin and smoother than high grade chrome, you can just give up on your hopes of romancing Lily right now, because your game just isn't on his level. He plays a minor role in this mod as a quest unfolds. However, look for his very talented voice actor, The Mad Prince Will, to be playing a larger role in The Fens Sherff's Department.

Does this work with Depravity and Diamond City Expansion? - Yes, both. Dialogue is sensitive to status of Mayor's office occupant and fits seamlessly with the current version of Diamond City Expansion.

Why is this mod so big? - It's a quest mod (5-6 hrs), workshop mod, radio station, weapon mod (tomahawk), two custom merchants, gobs of custom assets, playerhome, interior cells and T60 custom paint job. Roughly one out of every 3 items in the Diner is a custom asset on some level, the number jumps to 3 out of 4ish in the Greenhouse. The T-60 limbs are NOT mirrored textures, meaning there is a unique right and left side for the limbs. Add 2000 lines of dialogue and 49 music tracks... you got yourself a big mod.

Do I need to uninstall "The Left Field Diner"? - It's never safe to uninstall a worldspace edit - KingGath. I would follow his advice.

Why is Diamond City flickering?
- Because you loaded my mod after Diamond City Expansion in the plugin list. Load mine first, DCE after.

Do I REALLY need Settlement Menu Manager for the Workshop item?
- I swear to all that is holy, YES! Although it is not needed to make the mod function in all other capacities.

Why are the plugins and archives named "DCGuard_Overhaul"?
- Good question. That's what this mod started out as, and in my own roundabout several year Odyssey, will eventually end up as in the form of "The Fens Sheriff's Department"

Really? 4 NPCs is a residential district?
- In a wasteland of several hundred people to the entire city of Boston, yes. I'm trying for quality over quantity.

Where are the workshop items?
- Finish the quests. Open the workshop menu, scroll all the way right to "The Bleachers"

Was that a mailman and mailboxes I saw in Diamond City and The Bleachers? - Yes. He's strictly for ambience right now.

Is this going to burn a hole in my GPU?
- Yeah, it might. I did optimize it. However, go for the low rez texture pack, and try not to get into firefights inside the new cells if you're worried.

What if I don't want to be bothered with that? - You will get a holotape when you start the first quest "Welcome to the Bleachers" one of the options on it is to skip the quests.

I got my payment at the end of the first quest, why is it not saying it's completed?
- "Welcome to The Bleachers" is the main quest of this mod. When it completes, you are done with the quest portion of this mod.

WHAT THE HELL?? WHY ARE THERE FOUR MAP MARKERS FOR ONE QUEST ITEM?? - Call it a new mechanic. Gone are the days (at least in my mod) where your pipboy can pinpoint a silver locket in a toolbox you've never seen in a radar facility you've never been to. In some cases your quest givers know exactly where the item they want it, in some cases, they only have a rough idea of the type of place it might be in, so they give you a number of places to try. The item will only be in one of those spots. Yes. I'm that mean. "Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle."

Ohhh... you long haired hippy rat bastard SOB... that's SOOO messed up!! - Yes, it is. Also, the items are VERY heavy. HAA!!!

Why can't I romance any of them? - Just how many NPCs you gonna romance like some Post-apocalyptic Casanova? You have any idea what Lily would do to you if she found out you were nailing every romanceable companion in the area code? You think the flies and mosquitoes got big? You should see the rad-crabs in your pants. Your PC stinks buddy, you've been out in the wasteland in the same pair of 200 year old pants (or quite possibly a thong knowing you people) for 3 months now. Never a roll of toilet paper or deodorant in sight. You ain't talking up anybody with a nose or eyes that you don't pay first. Incidentally, my mod has deodorant and toilet paper in it. Charisma bonuses. :)

Why do you advertise almost 2000 lines of dialogue when all the Sheriff does is grunt at me and tell people to shut up? - I never said the lines were distributed evenly. That count also includes reactive dialogue like combat lines. That's not a challenge to kill them, put the gun away cowboy.

How do I get the T-60 paint job and decals? - Complete the quest, apply at the PA bench. To apply the decals, first build the primer layer mesh for the helmet and torso (badge), then the options for the decals (lenses, badge, and facepaint) will show.

Why doesn't the game redress my PC after a shower? - It's a very hard and unreliable bit of code to redress a player in the same items they just had on. The NPCs' outfits are set by me in advance, so it's easy to redress them because I know what they're wearing.

Why is the hammock animation out of sync? - The hammock is a little thing I did on the side. The script to sync the swinging of the occupant and the hammock itself relies on you being present for the initiation event. The hammock furniture wasn't the objective of this mod. I had a hammock mesh, thought it looked nice, and so I put it in the greenhouse as a decoration. Then I thought it'd be nice if folks could actually lay in it. Don't expect it to be up to snuff of a vanilla piece of furniture. That's why it's not in the workshop items.

What's with all the extra versions of the stools in workshop mode? - Those are sorted according to what the occupant NPCs will eat or drink - Noodles, Spaghetti, Steak, or Drink.

What's with all the extra versions of the flowers? - If they look the same, they're subtly different in shade, petal arrangement, or animation timing.

What if I have your previous beehive mod installed and have started using it? - The way mods work is this mod is a separate entity from that mod, this is not something I have control over. The queens from that mod cannot be used to make the hives under the workshop menu for this mod nor vice versa. The queens you purchase from Dr. McClintock can't be used to make hives under the menu in my beehives mod, they can only be used to make the hives in the workshop menu from this mod. If you intend to keep this mod installed for the cells, workshop, and merchants (and I don't suggest uninstalling quest mods from a savegame), your best bet would be to run this mod alone without the beehive mod.

The queens from this mod aren't in the same location as they were in your beehive mod! - That's right. In this mod Dr. McClintock is the ONLY source in the Commonwealth for the queen bees, and be prepared to pay out the nose for them. There is a single queen bee on the bio workbench in her greenhouse you can steal if you're careful. You will have a 5% chance of harvesting a queen when you harvest honey from a settler tended hive - so you can eventually have your own queen source.

How do I get Nuka-Heat and Nuka-Clear Winter to make the lanterns? - Merchants my friend. You have two new merchants in this mod. One sells Nuka products.

Where can I buy the deodorant? - You can't.

How do I get the cool cyber arm outfit the sheriff has? - Finish the quests, go to the chem bench, look under "The Bleachers"

Can I get the recipes to mix my own Nuka-Heat and Nuka-Clear Winter? - No. Mr. Dr. Pepper closely guards those recipes. He paid a lot for exclusive ownership of one and worked hard to develop the other, neither of which he guarantees fit for human consumption.

Things went haywire during the dialogue in Domus Nostra - There has been a roughly 5-10% failure rate at random and non-repeatable points in this extended dialogue. We're not sure why other than the mod is straining the engine like the elastic on Jabba's underwear. Save before this scene. Try again, it usually goes through fine.


Conversation stalls out with Mr. Dr. Pepper when I'm trying to return a quest item
- Wait an hour and try again. There might have been bad timing with an AI switch or another quest using him.

Lily and Rizzo conversation stops because of random combat or distance - Talk to Lily again to reinitiate the scene.

These workshop vines aren't cooperating!
- You really, really, really want to install place-everywhere mod if you use the vines.

They're walking around in their pajamas!
- Outfits are under the control of an ambience script. You can try reloading the game from a point before you entered the cell, or leaving and coming back in. If this turns out to be an issue for a large number of users, I will remove the script in an update.

Lily and other NPCs are just standing there - Were you a little trigger happy? Did you start shooting like John McClain before the scene played out? No, I bet your dog hit the controller, didn't he? Reload. Drop the henchmen first, let the scene play out. Yipee-ki-yay. Optionally, try to talk to Lily to re-initiate the scene.

The store shutters are closed and Mr. Dr. Pepper is speaking through a solid piece of metal - The shutters are under the triple redundant control of one timing script, two trigger box scripts, and the shop owner AI package and have not failed since improvements have been made. However, there is a button on the pillar above the Wall-O-Matic jukebox closest to Mr. Dr. Pepper. Hit that button to update the shutters according to the time of day. Anyway, isn't it cool to watch them open and close when his shift starts and stops? There's a button to raise and lower the shutters on the opposite side of that pillar, play with it if you're bored.

Voice Acting -
Lily, the soul of The Bleachers, the voice and face of the mod: The amazingly talented Nightskrel
Dr. "Never shuts up" McClintock: Anonymous
The "she smiles on the inside" Sheriff: Caitlin Buckley
That poor fighting pit Raider SOB: Cmmills
Mr. "Sound medical advice" Dr. Pepper: Anonymous
Rizzo, who can even make a T-60 look stylish: The Mad Prince Will - check out his Youtube channel!!

Mod stuff -
Thuggysmurf - aka Dr. Thugrick E. Smurfibald III, Esq. Endless patience for my questions... No like, -endless patience-... I can't stress this enough. Hours of fun from his own quest mods. This mod simply would not have been possible without his guidance.
RedRocketTV (youtube) - Playerhome auto-scrapper code, gobs of inspiration from his own builds and youtube tutorials (Diner shutter), being the gold standard of interior cells.
Seddo4494 - Thanks for so many tutorials and the inspiration to try it myself... can't wait till Fourville!! What an undertaking!
Knights of the round mod testing table - Sir Thuggysmurf the Quest Whisperer, Sir Moparmutt the Cursed, Sir G59_on_parade the Frustrated, Sir Deauxrayme the Shower Breaker, Sir Malcontent the Script Adjudicator, Sir BurntHostage the uhh.. Burnt Hostage, Lady MsRae the Early Victim, and Brother Alerios, sworn acolyte of the Church of the Non-Endorsers. The version you're playing right now would be unplayable without their hours of free work.
AWARHERO - Fishtank setup, water feature, and boardwalk style in the greenhouse.. I'm sure other stuff I'm forgetting - let me know, I'll add it.
Humannature66 - Sheriff and Lily's Boots, Sheriff's vest and accessories
Battousai124 - Armor Keywords patch
Samiximas - Fan meshes
TumbaJamba - Power source for the Sheriff's arm
SmB92 - Much of, and help with, the ambience code, such as sleep outfits beds, showers, NPC PA display parking, diner shutter, and teaching me how to do the rest
Ethreon - Beehive, mailbox, finishing the tomahawk mesh, telling me to do it myself already
MsRae - Hammock textures, salt and pepper shakers, wax base for bottle-candles, hot sauce bottle, original sugar shaker, helping fix straps on Large Marge's load
Frogprincessq4 - Floral wreaths, non-glowing flowers, feral beehive textures
CREAtive clutter team - The list is exhaustive, a lot of the clutter and cool little meshes used as clutter. The stuff from the diner tables you want.
TheRealRufgt - Hammock poses
KingTobbe - Vault Stick deodorant mesh
KKtheBeast - weighting Sheriff's arm
MadMax713 - Atom Cat stencil and texture
Jordan1q2 - Jeans and shirt for Dr. McClintock
Calyps - Dr. M's bandana
TheMilkDrinker - Dibella Flower
Sarinia - Proof reading mod page to soothe her OCD
Jerros - T-60 lenses
GrinnGinUrchen - Toxic Raider nails
Staralfar - Base WalloMatic Jukebox model, rest of work by me
JennCave - Fixing navmesh errors after first trying to deny she knew anything about fixing navmesh errors.
Gambit77 - Spray paint can meshes and label
Damanding - Floor plan for and helping decorating early stages player home
Kevin MaCleod - ALL 49 tracks on The Left Field Diner Smooth Jazz Radio, several in greenhouse, Creative Commons License by Attribution
Chillout Records No copyright music - several greenhouse tracks, CC License by attribution
Jeremy Soule - The Northerner Diaries - the rest of the greenhouse tracks, yes he made these free to use, CC License by attribution
Freesound.org - Beehive SFX
ImTabe - Diamond City flag logo, Advert posters, Nuka Cola advert flags
Jojo-ojoj - Original 2D stained glass design, branded logos added later by me.

Did you finish the storyline of this mod already? So, you think this is settled?  Ohhh no.... not by a long shot. The Bleachers doesn't just take this shit lying down. The Fens Sheriff's Department is the next installment in this mod. It fills out the unused space on top of the eastern wall on the outside of Diamond City. This will be, to put it mildly, an overhaul of the guards outside of Diamond City. New guard classes with their own armors (sniper, scout, scavver, enlisted, and DC internal), new voiced NPCs, old friends, new internal cells (Right Field anyone?), new quests, radiant occupation quests, and a new story line that starts with and is driven by the occurrences "A Diamond City Story".

As said above: They are charged with security -outside- the Diamond City wall and establishing a safe buffer zone around Diamond City. They are battle hardened soldiers that one would expect to encounter from someone who has had an urban gunfight with Super Mutants/Gunners/Raiders/Synths/Forged a couple times a week for a decade - positively bad ass.

Diamond City is through hiding behind a wall. Join the Sheriff, her officers, and the residents of The Bleachers (both Center and Right field this time) as they take the fight to The Institute. Who knows? Perhaps they'll bite off a bit more than they can chew and have some extra work for a dependable wastelander. Coming in a while.