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About this mod

This mod improves performance (FPS) in Boston and surrounding area. It includes other areas upon request. External areas only. The glory if this mod is beneficial to anyone that roams the boston area but also anyone that has mods that disable previs in the area or break precombines.

Permissions and credits

This mod was created using the Creation Kit and FO4Edit. It rebuilds the Vis and, when needed, Precombined data.  Vis data does the same thing as occlusion planes, and should not be needed; but, if Precombines and Vis data do not fix something, occlusion planes will be used in future areas. As always check the changelog if you are not sure.

In a mostly unmodded game this mod would be loaded at the top of your load order, after the main game and any UFO Patches. But, since green mods (Regrowth Overhaul, Rust Belt Flora, Conifers Redux, 4 Season, etc), overhaul mods that add new places (Beantown Interiors), all change the game and Precombines/Vis data. They will conflict with this mod.

Additional Note: 
This mod is designed to make the game load better and Improve FPS. Performance​ increases​ have been 10-20 fps better than vanilla, with most players reporting avg of 50-60 FPS in most areas. 
Compatibility should be high with most mods if they are loaded after my mod, but it is advised that you test this mod both above or below the mods you want to use.
Any mod that deletes or changes the Vis data will conflict. So, provide me with locations and the mods you know conflict, as well as what happens with different load orders.

Watch the video link in the comment section: It helps you understand what this mod does and why DETAILED feedback is VERY important, or if you feel adventurous, how to make your own patches/changes.

This mod was made with the intention that people could learn from and even use my mod as a base for their own mods. As this mod irons out the last few conflicts within itself, I will be moving on to optimization for other mods and making patches or replacer ESPs as needed.

If my mod becomes obsolete, and Bethesda actually optimizes the game for both Console and PC, I will jump for joy.

Till then;
I want to make it the very best, Like like Bethesda never was! To fix it is my real test, and make Bethesda see my cause! I will edit across the map, Searching far and wide! Teach everyone to understand, The power that's inside, The Creation Kit! Got to Mod it all!
(Plz no hate message for using the Pokemon Theme Song for that last part)

Please read the Bugs list for known issues

  • What version of my mod are you using? (AIO, FH, NW, Auto, Vanilla : .28, .29, etc)
  • Where is the problem? (Provide details based on your PIPBOY map and any land marks you are aware of. If you know the cell, even better!)
  • Are you using Mod Organizer or Nexus? (This is CRITICAL to understand if you have a possibly dirty data directory. MO NEVER installs a mod to your actual game directory.)
  • Did you test with NO mods enabled, EXCEPT mine? (I MEAN IT,NO MODS ENABLED.)
  • Did you test my mod ABOVE and BELOW the mod you are having issues with? (IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFO, I WILL REFER YOU BACK TO THE MAIN MOD PAGE!)
  • Do you have the following INI change? bUseCombinedObjects=0: (If YES, change it back. If NO, Great! Please submit you conflict or bug report)

  • ALWAYS place your SCRAP MODs at the BOTTOM of load order.
  • Please include a list of mods you are using, ESPECIALLY if they add or change meshes in environment and/or the downtown area. The easiest way is to just send me your load order, but if you can do the deductive work for me great!
If anyone is still having issues with FPS, after this mod, please let me know if you are running above 1080p. This will have profound effects on FPS, dropping them down by 10-20 FPS on average

tekmage has asked me to remind anyone with an Intel GPU; that, do to Intel GPU's limited performance capability and Fallout 4's Graphics demands, you may be forced to use INI fixes to make the game work. This goes directly against what I have said above, but seeing as INTEL left you with no choice, I am sorry if you are force to use that option. 
-  Please make every effort to find a better way to get around the INTEL issues so that you can enjoy your game the way it was intended

====Thanks for Testing this mod====
TODO list:
  • XB1 version complete;  (PS4 does not allow archives; trying to find a valid work around)
  • Make Vanilla Version (Done)
  • Make FH Version (Done)
  • Make NW Version (Done)
  • Make AIO Version (Done)
  • FOMOD installer (Done)
  • Make several compatibility patches for common mods that affect the Boston area.

UPDATE and Clarifications:
BostonFPSFix-Vanilla: For anyone this does NOT have Automatron DLC
BostonFPSFix-Automatron: For anyone WITH Automatron DLC. (Replaces Vanilla, do NOT use Vanilla if you have this)
DLC Only (FH, NW): For anyone that does NOT want the Commonwealth changed or only has some of the DLCs.
AIO: This is for anyone that has ALL DLCs. It will be the all inclusive mod and most updated once done.
Alpha/Test Updates: They are intended for helpful testers that want to provide feedback. The sooner you get me the feedback the sooner I can make them main mods.
-  Never use the Main file version when testing the Alpha Patch.
-  Testing Alphas helps players that do not want to be forced into testing a patch, that may not have the intended results. This way of testing makes it so you do not have to update every 3-5 days or rollback to a previous update when things do not work out.
-  DO NOT install an Alpha patch if you are not willing to provide feedback. I will eventually make the update a main file if it works out.

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