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Some CBBE and BodySlide Conversions, that developed to be quite decent now. ;P
***Currently works with Armorsmith Extended, Craftable Custom Combat Armor, Collosus Bodysuit, Jackets and Coats, Harness Wardrobe, and Daisy Nukes***
***Prebuilt meshes are available in the installer***

Permissions and credits

For my Collars mod and some other things I have planned I'm currently looking for someone interested in providing some custom models and textures. Mostly Leather related things like belts and straps and some metal stuffs like buckels etc. I'd also be interested in adding some retextures for the coollars as standalone collars. If you would like to participate, please contact me via PM.


Some CBBE BodySlide for a couple of mods. They started as somewhat Quick and Dirty, but developed quite a bit since then.
If you just want just Plug and Play, there are Prebuilt meshes ("Lazymans") in the installer for CBBE Curvy, CBBE Slim and CBBE Vanilla. No further tweaking needed.
Remember to build them in BodySlide, if you aren't using the prebuilt Lazymans meshes.
Please always read the stickied posts under comments for most recent information about current known issues. I try to keep that up to date, but there always might be additional informattion hidden in further comments. ;)

Current Conversions:

Craftable Custom Combat Armor -STANDALONE- NOW WITH CAMO OPTIONS --- New
Armorsmith Extended --- New
Calyps' Harness Wardrobe Craftable Harnesses
Calyps' Daisy Nukes
Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth
Colossus Bodysuit
Obviously you will need those mods and CBBE for this to work.
If you install the BodySlide files you'll also need BodySlide. ;)
I won't give extensive support for these. Feel free to use these to build better Versions.


You want to get ready to play as quick as possible:
1. Download, Endorse and Install CBBE as per Instructions.
2. Download, Endorse and Install the mods you are Interested in as per Instructions.
3. Install the Lazymans meshes for your mods and your preferred Bodytype from my installer

You want maximum customization:
1. Download, Endorse and Install CBBE as per Instructions.
2. Download and install the BodySlide Support files from the CBBE page.
3. Download, Endorse and Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio as per Instructions.
3.a) (optional) Download, Endorse and Install a Preset of your choice as per Instructions.
4. Download, Endorse and Install the mods you are Interested in as per Instructions.
5. Install the BodySlide packages for your mods and your preferred Bodytype from my installer.
6. Start BodySlide and select or create a Preset of your choice.
7. Click Batch Build. Deselect CBBE Body _OR_ CBBE Nevernude, depending on wether you want Nudity or not.

I don't know what to do with these bodyslide files!
You definitely need to install bodyslide.

How do I use the bodyslide files?
There are many tutorials on bodyslide. The shortest answer I can give is, install bodyslide, install the bodyslide files from this mod, load up bodyslide. Make your body shape. Batch Build, select all the armors you want to export to. Done. For more advanced editing, click the OutfitStudio button in bodyslide.

The textures are all crazy!
You must install CBBE (NSFW Link) first. That's your first step. Without CBBE installed none of this will work right.

The textures are still all crazy!
I don't change the Textures. If the Body Textures are messed up you either didn't install them correctly or they are overwritten by another mod.

This is frustrating.
I feel you. It definitely takes some time to go from noob to pro with bodyslide, but not really all that much. A couple days of fiddling and you'll be exporting your dreamgirl in no time.

Why are the prebuilt meshes called "Lazymans"? I'm not Lazy!
First of all, there's nothing wrong with being lazy, as long as you don't overdo it. There's been made great advances in all kinds of fields, because people were to lazy to do something by hand. Being lazy is great. You could argue that even the existance of computers is partly a result of people being to lazy to calculate the same math over and over by hand.
Apart from that, it's just a term describing that you don't have to do a lot to get started with these. They are not called that way because you are lazy if you use them, but because you _can_ be lazy and use them.

How did you do this/How can I make my own BodySlide Conversion?
Look in the Articles Section. I wrote a beginner-level Miniguide there.
You can also google for "CBBE Outfit Studio Conversions for BodySlide" to find a decent tutorial on how to convert outfits with Outfit Studio.

I would like to help out, but I don't know how?
There is a lot you can do to help, without getting involved with Outfit Studio or BodySlide.
Commenting or sharing Screenshots really helps with the motivation for me. It shows an additional interest in my mod, and I always like to see how you personally use these Conversions. It's also always nice to see, that questions from users might have already been answered.
I also always like suggestions for other outfits. I already stated, that my current priority is on improving the current Conversions, and additional Conversions currently are more or less unlikely to happen right now, but maybe you found my next favourite outfit, that I don't know about yet.
It also helps reporting any issues that you find, that are not related to the greasts, legs or feet. These are already planned to be addressed in the next updates. Testing all Conversions in BodySlide with all kinds of presets and ingame with all kinds of different settings of the triangle etc in all kind of poses is a rather timeconsuming process. Reporting any issues, preferably with screenshots or videos highlighting the issue and outfit/mesh names or specific BodySlide presets where the issue happens goes a long way helping me to solve these issues.
As you can see, there really is a lot that you can do, if you want.

Can you do a Conversion for Calyps replacer Harnesses?
I am still undecided about how to approach this, without totally cluttering the installer or the downloads with all the options. It may happen at some point, but I can't give any promises yet.

However FireAndNails posted a mini-guide on how to do this yourselves in the Comments-Section.

Making this work for replacer harnesses takes a leeetle more work.

1. Build your harness of choice in BS. (Holding Ctrl when building will
output the mesh to the BS folder so you don't have to hunt for it.)

2. Copy the *.nif file to ...Data\Meshes\Armor\Raider04\ and rename it to raider04f.nif

3. Go to ...Data\Materials\Armor\Raider04\ and copy raides04.bgsm

4. Paste raides04.bgsm into ...Data\Materials\calyps\harness\ and rename it to _______.bgsm

Fill in the blank with the same name as the nif that BS spit out. For
example I got lowcut.nif, so I renamed the bgsm file to lowcut.bgsm

Voila, no more purple bug.

No longer supported mods:

Eli's Armour Collection Remade - Vanilla and CBBE - Elinanora made her own BodySlide Conversion, partially based of mine.

My other mod:

RXL Collars

My Multigaming Community (German only):

Credits go to authors of the original mods and Caliente and ousinus for CBBE and BodySlide. Go donate to them (and me ;) ).
Also credits to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool.