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DLC-sized quest mod. Apr '17 Mod of the Month runner-up. 20 hours of game play with new factions, locations, player bases, and fully-voiced custom companions.

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April 2017 File of the Month Runner-Up
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Optional Expansions and Additional Content

The following quest mods are optional, but they're by the same co-authors as Outcasts and Remnants, and when combined with OAR will give you over 20 fully-voiced companions, 60+ hours of integrated quest content, and a completely alternate path through the vanilla main quest if you choose.

Project Valkyrie (August 2018 Mod of the Month)
Depravity (August 2019 Mod of the Month)
Fusion City Rising (September 2016 Mod of the Month)
50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's (August 2017 Mod of the Month Runner-up)

There's a detailed play-through guide on how these mods interact with each other and the vanilla main quest.

Required Files & Installation

Just a legal copy of base game.  No DLC or other mods required.  Please use a mod manager to install.  

Outcasts & Remnants uses assets, with permission, from other mods.  When installing you might receive a message about whether you want to overwrite existing files.  Shouldn't matter how you answer, but easiest path is "no to all" or "yes to all". If you've previously customized certain outfits used in the mod, definitely answer "no" on those if you want to keep the customizations.  To find out which mod a particular item came from, please see the credits below.

This mod is a companion to Fusion City Rising, Project Valkyrie, and Depravity. The stories from these mods all run parallel. You can play any mod first, or all at the same time, but none of FCR, PV, or Depravity are required to enjoy OAR. The play-through guide has more details.

When downloading the file, do not use the "Download Vortex" button on the main mod page. Don't use the "Mod Manager Download" button on the file download page either. It doesn't always work correctly. Instead, navigate to the files page, and choose the "Manual Download" button. Once downloaded, import the file from your desktop into your mod manager, and activate it. The mod will not work unless it is activated.

If your mod manager is having trouble installing, see here. If you are using Vortex and receive a message about "unresolved file conflicts" when installing both Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants, see the second paragraph in this section, and then select Outcasts & Remnants to load lower in load order, although technically it doesn't matter. This is just a minor installation complication introduced by Vortex, making you click some extra buttons. Users who enjoy bloatware and/or bundled software may also enjoy:

To make most mods work in general, you also need loose files enabled. If you'd like to take your modding experience to the next level, install Mod Organizer 2 (works for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4).

Mod Features

New quests, locations, factions, and companions. All fully voice acted. The time to complete the main story line and side quests is about 20 hours, but a number of quests are repeatable to new locations if you want more. If you're running FCR, OAR, PV, and Depravity together, it's around 60 hours of combined content if you do everything once.

Quest details, troubleshooting, and play-through videos here.

How to Start

To start the mod's main story, head to the B.O.G. bunker, which is built into a hill, located south of Oberland Station, just east of the railroad tracks, and southwest of the alien crash site.  Head there and talk to Chuck Finley.  Once you discover the B.O.G. Bunker, you can fast travel to and from the interior.

For immersion and game-play difficulty purposes, you should first complete the main Fallout 4 quest "Reunions", where you confront Kellogg at Fort Hagen, after which the first quest in this mod, "Initiation", should start automatically the next time you change locations.

If you just want to play the pimp-related side quests, head to Club Snuggle at any point.  It's located on the Charles River northeast of Diamond City, across the river from CIT and Greenetech Genetics.  There's a blue door with a Nuka Cola machine on the left and an "open" sign on the right.  Talk to Sawyer behind the counter and ask for work. For story continuity, you may prefer waiting to visit until after completing the quest "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" is finished.

New Factions/Locations

- Natick Banks Raiders: A group of non-hostile Raiders located in Natick Banks at the Raider Emporium.  You can do quests for them and use the Emporium as a player base.  It has fully stocked materials chests, vendors, workbenches, linked storage, and beds.

- The B.O.G: A Brotherhood of Steel outcast faction.  The last of the BoS who followed Elder Lyons' philosophy.  They split from the BoS and arrived in the Commonwealth in 2283 after Arthur Maxson became Elder.  This faction drives the mod's main story.  Their HQ has fully stocked materials chests, linked storage, workbenches, doctors, vendors, and beds so it can be used as a centrally located player base.

- Enclave Remnants: They're baaack.... sort of.... at least the ones who survived the events of Fallout 3.... smaller, smarter, and working behind the scenes to consolidate power in the Commonwealth.

- Vault-Tec Survivors: A bunker Vault-Tec built for its Commonwealth employees and various VIP's, but when the bombs fell, the entrance fell into a sinkhole and was submerged under the river.  This is the story of the survivors trapped inside the underwater vault.

- Back Bay Players: A gang of pimps originally from New Vegas.  They operate out of Club Snuggle, a fully operational nightclub located on the Charles River northeast of Diamond City and across the river from CIT and Greenetech Genetics. Ask Sawyer for work to start their quest chain. Fred gives side quests as well.

New Companions

Ash: A custom, fully voiced male companion.  Ash shares thoughts, talks trash, and has custom weapons/outfit and a fully functional affinity system including achievable companion perk.  Ash is located at the B.O.G. Bunker.  Additional details here.

Check out Murdering Chainsaw (requires Automatron DLC) if you want to give Ash a better melee weapon than the modified Ripper he initially has.

Gabriel: Fully voiced ex-military hunter/assassin companion with custom weapons, a cabin/bunker in the hills west of Walden Pond overlooking the Boston skyline, and a canine follower, Brutus, who will follow Gabriel around and help you fight, but will not occupy a companion slot.  Gabriel has a fully functional affinity system including achievable companion perk.  Additional details here.

And a Bunch More: If you have Project Valkyrie installed, the B.O.G will have eight companions total: Ash, Gabriel, Owen, Fiona, Sarah, Veronica, Shannon, Carla, and several quest givers including Chuck, Mike, Jesse, and Nate.


The main story (4 quests) revolves around some unanswered questions from vanilla Fallout 4:

- When Arthur Maxson was appointed Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel and the BoS then largely abandoned the philosophy of Elder Owyn Lyons from Fallout 3, was everyone cool with that?  What happened to the BoS members who weren't?

- How did the Gunners obtain access to vertibirds, power armor, plasma weapons, and other advanced gear?

- Did the DC Enclave in Fallout 3 have a contingency plan? To where would the survivors of the battles with the DC Brotherhood of Steel retreat and how would they go about rebuilding?

- Teleportation could radically improve the standard of living in the Commonwealth, but rather than harnessing the teleportation technology developed by the Institute, the other major factions in Fallout 4 just want to blow the place up, destroying all the advanced technology.  Where's the logic in that? What if another group also figured out how to make teleportation work, because their survival depended on it, and decided to use the technology for good?

Don't forget to read the terminals if the story is important to you.

There are also side quests involving bounties, gang rivalries, weapons procurement, drugs, time travel, search & rescue, the adult magazine business, and more.  Quest details here.

Additional Guides and Notes

Random Q&A
Troubleshooting Log
Known Issues
Quest Details
Companion Details

1) In game settings, if the music volume is set to off, you will miss a fair amount of dialogue that occurs over intercoms and player thoughts.  Best to keep music on.

2) The battles in this mod are tough.  Saving frequently is wise (use hard saves, not quick saves). Companions help.  If parts of the mod seem too tough, temporarily changing the difficulty settings in the game menu is always an option. 

3) The quests in this mod do not hold your hand as much as the vanilla game.  Some thinking will be required (e.g. escaping from the prison cell).  If you get stuck, you can look at the log entry on your Pip-Boy for hints or watch one of the play-through videos here.

There is a troubleshooting log and Random Q&A if you encounter an issue not covered above or in Known Issues.


Works with everything unless explicitly stated otherwise, and you can play regardless of what point your existing save game is at or which factions you've sided with. See Known Issues for details if you're having any trouble. If you're playing this at the same time as Fusion City Rising, Project Valkyrie, and Depravity, the combo of the four mods is about 60 hours of content with over sixty quests. The stories run parallel chronologically and you can generally do things in whatever order you want. Play-through guide here.


Chinese Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by 0xb160d1c5 and ypsKampfen - Covers OAR v1.22 and earlier
Chinese Translation of Project Valkyrie by 0xb160d1c5 - Covers Project Valkyrie add-on v1.2 and earlier
Chinese Translation of Fusion City Rising by 0xb160d1c5 - Covers all versions of Fusion City Rising.
German Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by FoxDie1986 - Covers OAR v1.4 and earlier
Russian Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by kokokobana - Covers OAR v1.31 and earlier
Russian Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by GRM555 - Compatible with OAR v1.1 and earlier
Russian Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by Shamahan13 - Covers OAR v1.4 and earlier
Spanish Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by JJGR1970 -
Compatible with OAR v1.1 and earlier
Spanish Translation of Fusion City Rising by JJGR1970 - Covers all versions of Fusion City Rising

This section might not be updated by the time you read it. At the top of the page, use the drop-down menu for Translations to see if there are any new ones that were missed here.

Future Mod Expansion

More content may be be added over time to the extent there is demand for it. While we do not have a donation button, if you would like to support the mod, endorsements are appreciated, as are file images if you have good ones.

XBox, PS4, Nintendo?


Other Mods in the Series

If you're interested, these are all optional. They do reference each other in places to form a fuller story if you're playing all of them. Combined they provide an additional 70+ hours of playable Fallout 4 content:

Depravity - August 2019 Mod of the Month
Project Valkyrie - August 2018 Mod of the Month
Fusion City Rising - September 2016 Mod of the Month
Settler & Companion Dialogue Overhaul - November 2019 Mod of the Month (has Deacon tie-in once you max his affinity)
Commonwealth Bounties - Coming in Fall 2020, test version is playable via Discord, see commonwealth-bounties thread.
Diary of a Madman - Shortcut to Depravity's evil alternate endings for the Fallout 4 vanilla main quest, if you don't want to play all of Depravity

Collect the whole series

Additional Quality of Life Stuff

Thug Co - The Companionator
- If you want one holotape to control all the companions from Depravity, Project Valkyrie, Outcasts & Remnants, and Fusion City

Thuggyfied - A Fallout 4 Mod List - If you're looking for a Fallout 4 experience based on flexibility, fun, safety, ease of install, and popularity over personal preference. Includes an optional game settings mod that will reduce grind and free up some .esp plugin slots.


Thank you to all the generous mod authors who gave permission to include their work in this project, voice actors who lent their voices to the project, and play testers who helped squash bugs and improve the flow.  Sincerest apologies if we've left anyone out, please let us know. 

Nexus Moderator Team: If there is a problem with any credits below (e.g. missing text or sub-credits), before hiding the file, please send a PM and we will correct it promptly.

Meshes and Textures

AGreatWeight for the Pulowski Preservation Shelter retextures
A Clean Bobblehead Stand Texture by quoter1 for the clean Bobblehead stands
A Greener Institute by RDHSmoky for the green textures in the reformed Institute
All Trees Have Leaves by Cipriano for flower textures
AS Craftable Institute Stations by doobot for the Director's Quarters workstations.
Better Stores by Blazeda59 for the neon and other signage + barber chair
Business Settlements by Tamayo831 for various signage
Clean Settlements - Water Pumps and Generators by victorn2 for clean water pump retextures
Clean Settlements - Workstations by victorn2 for clean workstation retextures
Craftable Vault Gear Door by ccmads and Vault 98 - Player settlement by Ryanc229 for the mesh on the vault door
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX by Elianora for armor stands, filled shelves, rugs, and various static objects
Dark Prydwen by Spiffyskytrooper for the wood floors in the B.O.G. base
Dino's Decorations by dinozaurz for shelf and bookcase clutter
Do It Yourshelf by dinozaurz for shelf and bookcase clutter
Enclave Flags by EddieTM26 for the Enclave black flag
Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w for the darker textures on institute assets
Fallout Faction Flags by DDProductions83 for Enclave, Vault-Tec and DC Brotherhood Flags
Flags of Fallout by Okiir for the Vault-Tec, Enclave American, and DC Brotherhood Flags
Flags of the Third Reich for the Nazi flags in the side quest where you travel back in time to kill Hitler
Jet's Bed Collection by jet4571 for the solid colored wood beds
Lover’s Luxury Bed – The Black Widow by Nikonthenet for the Marilyn Monroe black bed
Lover's Luxury Bed - The Lady Killer by Nikonthenet for the Red custom bed
Pimp Workshop by JebuNagazi for the Club Snuggle tables, chairs, couches, etc.
Phase 4: An Institute Expansion by Luciferdiva for the Cold Storage, Diagnostics, Residential, and Director's Retreat areas in the Reformed Institute
Project Modern House by Cipriano for the dark red walls in the Brotherhood of Gold base and various interior wall textures
Renovated Furniture by AESFocus for the custom colored couches, tables and other furniture.
Sanctuary New Town by Cipriano for clean player house furniture and static textures
Craftable Arcade Machines by lilkandeekid for arcade machines. PoliteRaider for arcade textures, TeamBacon- Custom UV Unwrap for textures, uses the following assets under the creative commons license: "Remix of the NYC skyline" by Diego Torres Silvestre, and "Centennial Barn Allen Farm Clinton Michigan" by Dwight Burdette.


1950's Feminine Outfits by crimsomrider for Carter's suit dress outfit.
Chem I Care Outfit by nsk13 (DeserterX) for nurse outfit worn by Dr. Cara
Child Outfits Vanilla and Conversions Standalone by Bandit01 for Owen's battle coat
Combat Armor Recolors by akalor for the darker combat armor
Commonwealth Mini Dresses by nsk13 (DeserterX) for female mini dresses
Commonwealth Shorts by nsk13 (DeserterX) for female shorts outfits
DA Merged 11 Pack by Dannyalkema for the swimsuits and Raider bar prostitute outfits
Dark Blue Sequin Dress Retexture by GT500 for the different colored slinky and sequin dresses.
Eli's Armour Collection Remade by Elianora for the Enclave scientist and urban camo outfits, which uses assets from UNP Simply Clothes by Petrovich, Simply Clothes for Female by InvalidFate, Petrovich and Undeadgoblin, and Commonwealth Shorts by DeserterX
Enclave Officer by Raziel990088 for the Enclave officer outfit
Enclave Officers Uniform by PQuinn and DogtoothCG
Feathered Dress - No Bra Strap by gt9797 for shorter feathered dresses
Female Outfit Replacers by lazman555 for the Raider bar prostitute outfits and BoG female officer outfits
Highheels by lazman555 for the high heels
Leather and Metal Armor Diaper Remover by leo2link for the modified leather and metal armor worn by BoG
Lioness Dress (Feathered) by jas118 for alternate colored feathered dresses
Jumpsuit Collection by gt9797 for the Brotherhood of Gold female jumpsuits.
N7 Themed Vaultsuit by Ruddy88 for the Vault-Tec jumpsuit
NanoArmor 2.1 by Vasstek for the glowing combat armor
Pimp Outfit and Pimp Workshop by JebuNagazi for the outfits worn by the Back Bay Players, the decor at Club Snuggle, the idea for Dirty Fred's gang, and the Pimp Cane
Sequin Dress Recolored by wildgravity for alternate colored sequin dresses
Slinkier Red Dress by Wolfhound2 for black and red slinky red dresses
Standalone Suit Variants by R97R for Vault-Tec faction suits
Sturge's Outfit - No Shirt by gt9797 for the B.O.G. overalls outfit
Tumbajamba's Power Armor for Strong by tumbajamba for the Super Mutant armor worn by Grabthar
Vanilla Outfits for CBBE BodySlide  by kuunkulta for short slinky dress, housedress, and prewar dress variants
Wasteland Bathing Suits by jet4571 for the male and female solid colored bathing suits
WW2 German Uniforms by SenyaTirall for the German uniforms in side quest where you travel back in time to kill Hitler
ZGC Sexy Towels by SleepWalking for the towel outfit
ZGC Marry Dress by SleepWalking for the blue flowing dress

NPC Looks

ANiceOakTree's Diverse Children by JTesmer for Mason's face
Ash by razathor for Ash face preset
Sarah Lyons Preset by wasdica for Sarah's look
Hollywood Actors 2 by parhamlinker for the face presets for Carter, Yes Man, and others
Donald Trump Character Save by ele321 for Overseer Lincoln's face preset
Hitler Face Preset by Miikos for the Hitler face preset in side quest where you travel back in time to kill Hitler
Lots More Settlers and Enemies by rbddc12 for the custom NPC faces and hair


Arturo's Shooting Range by sagittarius22 for the functional shooting range script in the B.O.G. bunker
Auto-Sell Everything by SmithyPete for the chests at the B.O.G base and Raider Emporium that let you sell your stuff.
Manny Faces for the Club Snuggle name


Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings by Zoran07 for the non-nude pinups in the Raider Emporium
Faolan Art Exchange by Eadoin for the city and nature paintings
Non-Euclidian Paintings of the Horrorwealth by Evolantra for the custom artwork in various places
Sci-Fi and Retro Paintings by scifiguru for the Sci-Fi paintings


Crossbows of the Commonwealth by TrickyVein for Gabriel's crossbow.
German MP40 by Evolutionofwafflez for the MP40's used by the Nazi NPC's in the time travel quest
The Penetrator by jet4571 for the bat with the treasure map hidden in it
Wastelander's Melee Weapons by nockchaa and TS_Original for the Tactical Barbell and Bar stool

Voice Acting

Ash, Dr. Brown, Dr. Zimmer, and Shaggy - voiced by Austin Daniel S. "Malastrome15"
Bryce Foster - voiced and written by ThatKidWhoDoesStuff
Carter Beckett: Fake Tsuki
Chuck Finley - voiced by Jase180
Club Snuggle patrons - voiced by Chihapper, Clarence Searles, Danielle Lecrone, Malastrome15
Elaine Redding - voiced by Anonymous
Fiona and Owen: Anonymous
Gabriel McBride - voiced and written by Gabriel Dunn
Henry Casdin - voiced by Tyler Carr (Tcarr66a1, Casting Club here)
Jesse Porter - voiced by Clarence Searles
Lukas Hosmakor and Chester - voiced and written by Halo22
Mike McBride - voiced by Gabriel Dunn
Nate, Rooney, and Yes Man: Caleb Mills, a.k.a cmmills
Sam Cruel - voiced by Samcruel
Sarah: Kerstyn Unger a.k.a Kikiapplus, Patreon/Buy Kerstyn a coffee here
Sawyer: Pafool
Vatiwah - voiced by Vatiwah
Vault-Tec Teleportation Hub Traveler - IIKaDicEU
Vault-Tec Teleportation Hub Travelers & Vault-Tec Resident - TheOne346
Vault-Tec Teleportation Hub Traveler & Vault-Tec Resident - TheFrostBitesMe
Vault-Tec Teleportation Hub Traveler - Werr 92
Vertibird Ben - voiced by Mark Jackson


Gabriel Dunn - Gabriel McBride's companion dialogue
Austin Daniel S. "Malastrome15"- A bunch of Ash's dialogue + dialogue in the "Disasterpiece Theater" memory pod
Samcruel - Most of Sam Cruel's dialogue
DarkMalcontent - FO76 parody terminal in the quest "Excess Baggage"
E1Grey - Concept and co-writing for the quest "Excess Baggage"


Dave's Poses and Dave's Pose Template by davethedrunk for the poses that the models do with the Pimp Camera.
Skyrim Dance Animations by invalidfate
Dance Animation Modder Resource by umpa
Working Sanctuary Shower by FLipdeezy
Munkyspunk for Twerk and Belly Dance animations


Used with permission and/or under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0/4.0 licenses:
Classic Fallout Ambient Music by Zako1989 for the Fallout 1 and 2 OST music composed by Mark Morgan (Enclave and Vault-Tec bases)
Teknoaxe for the custom music tracks "Chariots of the Sun" and "Reception" (B.O.G base), "Brutal Cycle", "Hard Charge to the Front" and "Thunderbolts of Lightning" (Nazi base), "Space Dock Dance Party" (Raider Emporium), "March of the Rabbit" (Disasterpiece Theater memory pod), "Transonic Vibrations" (Credits reel), "Get the Guy with the Stash" (Pimp battle), "Piccolo and a Cane" (Club Snuggle), "Small Whale" (Club Snuggle), "Revenge of the Atari Overlords" (Club Snuggle), "Gasoline Diaries Part 2" (Club Snuggle), "Industrial Rage" (Club Snuggle), "Gasoline Diaries" (Reformed Institute).
Move On by Wicked Panda (Reformed Institute)
EDM Loop 1 by DL Sounds (Reformed Institute)
Dance1 125 by DL Sounds (Reformed Institute)
Kevin MacLeod for the custom music tracks "Chill Wave", "EDM Detection Mode" (Raider Emporium), "Volatile Reaction" (Nazi base)
Vindsvept for "A World Divided" (B.O.G. base dream sequence memory pod)


Lazy Voice Finder
Bethesda Archive Extractor
Material Editor
FO4 Voice File Reference Tool
Face Ripper
Lip Sync File Generator

Play Testers

Project Valkyrie Discord Server


SeaHawk15 at DeviantArt for the Phoenix Rising Decal
Fenotype for the Neon Font
Chris Hansen for the Shoguns Clan Font
Seddon4494 for Fallout 4 Creation Kit Tutorials, without whom we'd have no idea how to make quest mods.
Manny Faces for the idea of Club Snuggle.
David Kerkhoff for Fallout Font