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Framework to add custom rules for producing objects. Supports code and content pack interfaces.

Permissions and credits
To create a simple way to add new producing rules into the game.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the Producer Framework Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.

Change Log:
  • Fix to bee house to work indoors even when configured.
  • Deutsch i18n. (Thanks zirolive69)
  • Producers can now produce colored outputs. Like Aged Roes.
  • Color can be chosen based on input color, input dye color or a defined color in the output config.
  • Producer can now keep the input "parent" for the output. Like Salmon Roe become Aged Salmon Roe.
  • Output can now have restrictions based on input parent. Like Sturgeon Roe become Caviar and not Aged Sturgeon Roe.
  • Producers can now look for an near by object to affect name, price and parent. Like Honey is affected by flowers in the bee house.
  • Object looked for can be the harvest product of a crop in the field or garden pot, a fruit from a tree or an object inside a machine.
  • Producer light source can no be based on output color or dye color.
  • Light source color definition is now inverted to reflect the actual light color.
  • Stone name is now fixed to the proper index.
  • Better log messages when loading rules and configs.
  • Producer can now have animations when producing or when ready. (Needs version 1.6.2 of Json Asset or content patcher to load texture in sprite sheet)
  • Fix to producer config override property.
  • Fix to condition validation on vanilla machines.
  • Fix to AlwaysOn property on the light source config.
  • Fix to price multiplayer not being applied to the output.
  • Better random variety.
  • Fix to producer light always being lit.
  • New property to let the producer light always be lit.
  • Producer can now be set to no input start. (On placement or on day start)
  • Producer can now have a number of conditions for producing. (Time, Location, Weather and Season)
  • Producer can now configure a light source for while producing.
  • Producer can now disable the bouncing animation while producing.
  • Producer can now increase game stats on product removing per output.
  • Outputs can now have restrictions for producing. (Fuel, Location, Weather and Season)
  • Each output can now have different production time, overriding the default value for the rule.
  • Time to produce can be subtracted from time of the day.
  • Rules now need to state they can override a specific mod.
  • Mod files should now load despite case and system OS.
  • Modifications to support the new PFMAutomate.
  • Using PFMAutomate, the producer rules added with the framework will integrate with Automate mod.
  • New animation for Charcoal Kiln Smoke
  • New offset property to better position animations.
  • Property to add sounds with a delay.
  • Property to increment a game stats on input.
  • Support to the creation of Torches as output.
  • Fix to max stack working with one less amount than it should.
  • Initial release.
  • Support to content pack configuration.
  • Support to method calling configuration.
  • All basic vanilla rules implemented for production from input.

For Modders to use content pack:
  • There is a template inside the mod folder with commented instructions on what each property do.
  • The same object used for the content pack is used for the methods in the framework. There should be no difference between using the method or creating a content pack.
  • There is two files for configuration. One for the rules, and another for the new producers added. The rules file cover most things, but stuff like the sprite frame that should be shown when the machine is producing or ready, should be configured per machine, not per producing rule. Vanilla machines are configured by default, but it can be changed.
  • Here is the template for the custom rules as added in the mod file(ProducerRules.json):

  • Here is the template for the producers as added in the mod file (ProducersConfig.json):

For Modder to code:
  • Reference the ProducerFrameworkMod.dll on your SMAPI project.
  • Use the ProducerController class to add the rules and configs.
  • The parameters have the same properties as the template from content packs.
Special thanks:
  • minervamaga, SpringsSong, ParadigmNomad, Trent, spacechase0 - They were directly involved on the producing of this framework.
  • Everybody at the Stardew Valley Discord #modding channel - They are all very supportive and were the inspiration for this project.
  • zirolive69 - Made the German translation

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