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Advanced Casks that reduce the time it take to age products and one may be placed outside the cellar.

Permissions and credits
Current version: 2.0.1
  • Removing Json Asset Content Pack
  • Adding Content Patcher content pack
  • Adding logic to migrate JA old machines and recipe to CP
  • Turkish i18n by Lexith
  • Adding machine logic to implement casks loading effect

Update from 1.X:
  • Delete the old folder before installing the new version. (or just delete the [JA] folder inside it)

To provide Advanced Casks to the player.

How does it work:
  • Robin will send you a letter teaching you the recipe to Hardwood Cask once you have learned the regular cask recipe and have a great relationship with her.
    bought the house upgrade with the cellar and 9 heart friendship
  • The new Casks work the same way as the basic casks and will accept the vanilla items and the ones added by Custom Cask's default configuration.
  • Hardwood Cask take half the time of regular casks to age the products.
  • Radioactive Cask recipes can be purchased from a secret store using gems as currency.
    50 Qi Gems
  • Radioactive Cask takes a quarter the time of regular casks to age the products.
  • Radioactive Casks can work outside the cellar.
  • You can edit the 'AgersData.json' file if you want to add new products to the new casks. But you will have to calculate the age rate yourself(just double and quadruple the rate you used on Custom Cask Mod respectively)
It has an official translation for pt-BR.
Feel free to send me a translation to your language and I might add it on future versions.

  • Delete the mod from the installation folder.

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