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Bread Lovers is a mod that adds new recipes, items, craftables and a new Bread Oven to the game!

Permissions and credits
Bread Lovers 2.0 
(Updated with the help of WildFlourMods)

- A new bakery store: this bakery will be an abandon building before Giselle moves to Stardew Valley. After reaching 4 hearts wiht Gus he will send you a letter telling you that his niece Giselle has moved into town to open her shop. If you are adding this to an existing game you might have to sleep one day if you don't recieve the letter as you load in. 
Existing game file : If you are adding this mod to an existing load file you will need Reset Terrain Features to clear the bushes next to the comunity center where the bakery is, if not the bushes will clip through the building. 

-The bakery changes each season

-Recipe, ingredients and machines are now sold at the bakery. 

-Giselle is a new NPC that does not have dialog and is not giftable at the moment, but she is the cute bakery owner ^^. I plan to add more to her character in future updates.

-The items and recipes are changed to have unique internal names >.< this means that if the old items and recipes will dissapear as you update. But this is to resolve clashes wiht other mods that have similar item names in game. I'm sorry this will have to happen but its to make it compatible with other mods.

-i18n included


Do you like baking? Well this is the mod for you ^^ 
This mod's items/craftables/bread oven/ recipes are triggered after you reach 4 hearts with Gus. He will send you a letter the next day and your baking journey will begin. Before this stage you won't see things from this mod in the base game. 
It is not required to start a new save, if you have more than 4 hearts wiht Gus he will send you a letter as you launch your current save. If you haven't reach 4 hearts then I guess it's time to give him more loved gifts, hehe.

You will need these files before you download this mod :

-Content Patcher
- Solid Foundations
-Json Assets
-Producer Framework Mod
-Custom Crafting Stations
-Shop Tile Framework
-Extra Map Layers
-Custom NPC Exclusions
-AntiSocial NPCs

Bread Oven:

The bread oven is buildable by Robin and is not a craftable machine. It can only be placed outside. 
The oven comes in 4 different colour variations: default/white/beige/grey. I made these variations to match some existing building mods, I wanted to have the option to decorate depending on the save I was in. I was inspired by Yellog's  style (white variation) and Elle's seasonal buildings style (grey variation). The different variations can be chosen in the building menu at Robin's.
No fuel is needed to start the oven and can be demolished.
You can only put 'dough' or 'batter' into the bread oven, these can be made in the dough station cooking menu.

Recipes (Dough, Batter):

Recipes are unlocked after reaching 4 Hearts with Gus and the bakery is open. All recipes are now available and ready to buy


Each bread has its own price and recipe to make, they also have buffs and NPCs gift tastes. These cannot be purchased and is only produced through the Bread Oven.

Dough Station:

A craftable recipe that can be bought at the bakery. This is where you can view recipes that you have learnt and make dough and batter. There are 4 different colour variations: default/white/beige/grey. Use a paint bucket to change it's colour variations.

Flour Grinder:

This is an animated craftable therefore you must purchase each colour variation separately at the bakery. You cannot change the colour variation of this craftable with Alternative Textures tool. 
Used to make 'Cornmeal' and 'Potato Flour' (these items can also be purchased at Pierre).

Here is the spreadsheet for further details about the mod which includes things like recipes and when its available, prices etc.

It's my first time making such a big mod so if there is any bug please send me a post ^^ I hope you guys have fun with this mod.
Possible updates with more recipes and machines.