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A craftable lemonade machine to process fruit tree crops into flavoured lemonade that increases the value 1.5x and is compatible with More Fruit Trees, and Bonster's Tree.

The lemonade machine has an advantage over preserve jars in added value and decreased processing time. It can be consumed for *+45 energy.

Permissions and credits
"Lemonade Stand" Machine for Producer Framework Mod (PFM)

Lemonade Stand Machine was designed for use with vanilla fruit trees, [PFM] More Fruit Trees, and [JA] Bonster's Trees, and inspired by TNT's Lemonade Machine.  More Fruit Trees/Bonster's Trees is not required, but all its crops categorized as "fruit" will produce a lemonade (even fig, mmm).

Machine Specs
  • Sell Price: Base fruit price X 2*
  • Processing time: 12 hours*
  • Crafting Recipe: 30 wood, 20 Stone, 1 Earth Crystal
  • Can produce 41 various flavours of lemonade despite how exotic the resulting combination turns out (Avacado flavoured lemonade, anyone?.

*As of 1.3.1, price is x2 the base price and lemonade keeps the quality of the input (as well as added value)

1.3.1 Processes time extended to 12 hours and sell price now x2 base price, improved newest lemonade machine colour option
1.3.0 Retextured lemonade machine without wooden base. Follow instructions on how to change the base back to wooden and select your shade.

Recolour options to match your style of craftables recolouring:
  • Vanilla (A)
  • White (B)
  • Midtone Brown (C)
  • Sienna (D)
  • Grey (E)
  • No wood base (Universal)

Selecting a Colour Option (optional)
1. Inside the folder "Mods\Lemonade Stand Machine\[JA] Lemonade Machine\" select which option you would like to use and rename it to "big-craftable.png" 
2. Move the file into "Mods\Lemonade Stand Machine\[JA] Lemonade Machine\BigCraftables\"  (overwrite the existing file, which is the default colour if you do not select a different option)

1. Download and extract any requirements into Stardew Valley/Mods  (More Fruit Trees & Bonster's Trees  is optional, PFM is required)
2. Download and extract Lemonade Stand Machine/ into Stardew Valley/Mods

If you have installed the machine properly it will be visible in your crafting menu.

If you are on discord and wish to contact me, my user name is : K10_FTW#8521