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Makes blue chickens lay blue eggs, which can be made into blue mayo.

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FIXED BY 6480 !! Much gratitude!

This mod makes blue chickens lay blue eggs.
Also they can be made into blue mayonnaise in the mayonnaise machine, which takes 4 hours.
You cannot use the blue eggs in crafting recipes, due to their mystical nature, however the value of the eggs is much higher than almost any other. 

We (6480) are hoping to re-add the ability to incubate eggs when FAVR comes out soon, but to avoid game crashes/loss of coops because of the glitch with incubating blue eggs, we have temporarily made the blue eggs unable to be incubated. This unfortunately means you are unable to use them in recipes that require eggs. Hopefully we can fix all these problems ASAP.

More info:
Blue eggs sell for 100g at normal quality
Blue mayo sells for 350g
There is no large or small blue egg, just blue egg.