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A fleshed out version of Wally32's Pudding mod., which I liked enough to make my own version. Check out theirs too.

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This mod adds the ability to make puddings using a little barbershop pole style machine. Simply right click on it, and it'll open up a menu to craft pudding.
Pudding value is based off every ingredient you use in it- up to four fruits and veggies in the top row, and in the bottom row you can stick milk, gelatin and sugar.
You need at least one item in the top and bottom rows to make a pudding.

Gelatin can be bought at Marnie's store for 70 gold, but you can also make it using the Gelatin Condenser using 10 slime.

This mod also adds new functionality to slimes- they will be your best friend for pudding production. Each slime in a slime hutch sheds colored slime daily, and colored slime can be used to make better gelatin, the rarer the slime, the better the gelatin. 

There are 8 hidden "hybrid" fruit puddings that require specific recipes. Try to find them all by experimenting! The first person to show me all 8 recipes will get to decide the 9th.

If you're transfering from 0.30 to 1.00, do "debug big 221" in the console to get the pudding machine.

Credit to Wally32 for the original mod this is based on, linked here.