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Simple but addictive Hard Mode. Renewed experience, now with harder leveling. You will have to use your head a little more and manage your resources carefully.

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Get to the end of the game with a pig farm? I want to see you try it

  • The purpose of this mod is to increase the playing time through various modifications, in order to reach the third year without feeling that you already have everything the game has to offer.

  • This mod is suitable for both veterans in the game, as new players looking for something more difficult of this game, without losing the fun that this provides.

  • Mod highly recommended to start a new game from nothing. Even so, it can be used in advanced games without any problem. Any custom maps such as SVE are more than compatible for this modality.


  • "Due to the limitations of the game, if you use this mod for the first time in an advanced game, any item you have stored, such as weapons or boots, will remain unchanged. If it's a very valuable late game object like a galaxy weapon, you can use CJB ITEM SPAWNER to replace the object with one with the new changes"




  • Everything you can collect (plants throughout the valley, things on the beach, etc.) has reduced their income to more than 4x value.
  • All animal products, products derived from these, fish, artifacts and minerals had their income reduced by 4x or more.
  • The harvestable products of all plants greatly reduced their incomes, without affecting the price of seeds. Plants whose products can grow again were more affected by this change.
  • Reduced by half the health and energy recovery of all non-recipe foods. Small increase in energy and health recovery of all cooking recipes.
  • Changes in products added by Stardew Valley Expanded and Animal Husbandry.(By default: disabled).


  • Increased the amount of materials needed in most items you can build by 3x or more, reduced the amount of certain materials that are scarcer or more difficult to obtain in certain objects, and increased the materials easier to obtain from those recipes.


  • The increase is for both the basic buildings and their upgrades ( ≈2x in gold and materials). Less gold to build a well and the stable, and less resources for the fish pond.For both Robin and the Wizard.


  • Items required in most bundles have been increased, extra items have been added in certain bundles, the number of items needed to complete a bundle has been increased. 
  • Gold quality fish are required to complete the fishbowl bundle (one of each). 
  • More gold needed in the safe bundle. 
  • Increased rewards for completing each bundle, replacing certain rewards with more useful ones. 
  • Changes to the abandoned JoJa bundle.


  • Increased weapon damage, increased damage gap (example: 15 minimum damage - 60 maximum damage) more chance of random damage.
  • Modified the immunity of the boots (Immunity gives you the probability of not receiving a negative effect from enemies, the higher the value of immunity, the better the probability). Boots defense increased.
  • Increased the health of all enemies by 3x  and increased 2x the damage of all enemies.


  • The days necessary for an animal to become an adult and begin to produce were increased. 
  • The days that must pass for an animal to produce were increased.
  • The sale price of the animals with 5 hearts was modified, increased or decreased according to the animal.
  • (Days to obtain the product of an animal / Days necessary to reach the adult stage / Final sale price with 5 hearts):
  1. Chickens: (1 / 3 / 1040 >>> 2 / 5 / 1300).
  2. Ducks: (2/ 5 / 5200 >>> 3 / 7 / 4800).
  3. Rabbits: (4 / 6 / 10400 >>> 5 / 7 / 9500).
  4. Dinosaurs: (- / - / 1300 >>> - / - / 1625).
  5. Cows: (1 / 5 / 1950 >>> 2 / 7 / 2000).
  6. Goats: (2 / 5 / 5200 >>> 3 / 7 / 4800).
  7. Pigs: (1 / 10 / 20800 >>> 2 / 7 / 18000).
  8. Sheep: (3 / 4 / 10400 >>> 4 / 5 / 9500).
  9. Ostrich: (-/-/20800 >>> -/-/ 18000)
(Before >>> After)


  • Now the ancient fruit seeds can be harvested every 28 days, better sow it on day 1 of spring or summer. The price for the fruit was greatly increased, remember that it dies in winter.
  • The sweet gem berry seeds should be sown in summer instead of fall, between days 1 to 3 of summer. The crop will take 53 days to harvest. The price of the berry was greatly increased.
Using fertilizer or skills reduces the time needed for crops to grow, but does not reduce after-harvest time


  • Increased the amount of ore you need to make a bar:
  1. copper and iron ore (5 >>> 6), 
  2. gold and iridium ore (5 >>> 7), 
  3. radioactive ore (5 >>> 8).
(Before >>> After )

  • Now you will need 7 pieces of wood (previously 10) to make a unit of coal in the kiln.
  • You can also use 4 torches to make a coal unit.


  • Requires ToolUpgradeCosts. Using this mod causes an error in which the trash can cannot be improved in the clint smithy. If you like you can report this error on the corresponding page of the mod.

-New Reworked Random Bundles-
-Same as always---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • You must enable the RandomBundles option in the config.json before starting a new game!!!!!! By default it is disabled.

-Harder Leveling-
  • The amount of experience you gain in all activities will now be reduced by 3, slowing down the process of leveling up. 
  • If you don't like this you can change it in the settings by following the instructions in the same folder.
Extract the mod in the mods folder.
And that's it, great right?

This mod is compatible with windows, linux and mobile versions.
You can use similar mods whenever you change my mod settings to avoid errors or incompatibilities.
It does not negatively affect saved games, but I recommend a new game to enjoy from the beginning.

The changes will be active by default, if you don't need to change anything, you don't need to touch anything.

Simple version in content patcher.
Available for all game languages.
Compatible con todos los idiomas.


For you to understand the vision of this mod: It is as if the vanilla game had different difficulties and this would be the hard difficulty.
It is a good option to take the game more seriously or to relive the flame from when you first played it (possibly).
Try to play a new game without cheats or beneficial mods. Play on SVE or on a custom ultra-large map, but everything requires more effort.
The more time passes in the game the easier it is to get objects and money, this mod increases the time necessary for this to happen.
Enjoy the mod and a more refreshing side of the game. If you have suggestions do not hesitate to share them.
Do not forget to report possible errors and bugs in the bug section, be as detailed as possible.
Thank you!