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Hard Mode has landed in the valley. You decide if it is a challenge or a way to enjoy the game more.

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The fast pace of the game does not allow you to use your precious management skills?
By the 3rd year you already have much more than you would like?
Do you come back to the game after a while or do you no longer find the gameplay satisfying?

Try this...


Compatible with all languages. (Languages available: English, Spanish and Portuguese).
All mod options can be enabled or disabled as desired. Each option has its variants of difficulty. 
Some options will be enabled by default.
Super recommended mod: "Generic Mod Config Menu". It will make things easier. (Using this mod you will be able to have a better management of the mod options, besides being able to see a description of what each option does.)




Three New Maps To Switch With The Standard Farm And Others.

  1. Little farm: It has half the space of the normal farm. Several buildings and water were moved to another location to save space, Optional: Riceponds located on the left side of the map.
  2. Bigger Farm: It has twice as much space as a normal farm. A pond at the back of the house, and a plot so big it's an aberration, Optional: Riceponds located on the left side of the map and two warps that will take you to both sides of the map.
  3. Dead Farm: A farm where nothing can be grown, It is at least 3/4 smaller than the standard farm. Now the cave will play the role of the farm, new cave design. When Demetrius visits you, you must ask him for a MUSHROOM CAVE, otherwise the cave map will be replaced and will no longer serve as a farm.
  4. Tiny Cellar and Better Greenhouse: Stand-alone functions, no need to change the farm map.
  • You must start a new game to enjoy these maps without errors. Except for stand-alone maps.
  • Disabled by Default.


  • Everything you can collect (plants throughout the valley, things on the beach, etc.) has reduced their income.
  • All animal products, products derived from these, fish, artifacts, minerals, among others, had their income reduced.
  • The harvestable products of all plants greatly reduced their incomes, without affecting the price of seeds. Plants whose products can grow again were more affected by this change.
  • Gold obtained from Special Orders reduced.
  • Reductions in energy and health recovery of all cooking recipes and items.
  • These changes also affect mods such as: "Stardew Valley Expanded, Animal Husbandry Mod and Ridgeside Village". The gold obtained from the Special Orders from Stardew Valley Expanded and Ridgeside Village mods, is also reduced. You must activate their respective options in the mod. 
  • Reduced a reward added by SVE for finding many artifacts for the museum.
Difficulty: "x3, x4, x5"


Increased the amount of materials needed in most items you can craft, reduced the amount of certain materials that are scarcer or more difficult to obtain in certain objects, and increased the materials easier to obtain from those recipes.
Difficulty: "x2, x3, x5, x10"


  • Increases gold and resources needed for buildings and their upgrades.
  • Less gold to build a well and the stable, and less resources for the fish pond.
  • For Robin and Wizard Buildings.
  • Highest difficulties exceed 1,000 resource units.
Difficulty: "x1.5 res & x1.5g, x2 res & x2g, x3 res & x2g, x5 res & x2g"


  • Items required in most bundles have been increased, extra items have been added in certain bundles, the number of items needed to complete a bundle has been increased. 
  • Quality fish are required to complete the fishbowl bundle in higher difficulties. 
  • More gold needed in the safe bundle. 
  • Increased rewards for completing each bundle, replacing certain rewards with more useful ones. 
  • Changes to the abandoned JoJa bundle.
Difficulty: "x5, x10, x50"

-Random Bundles-

  • You must enable the RandomBundles option in the mod options Before starting a new game.
  • Modifies the items and rewards of random bundles.
  • Disabled by Default.


  • Increased weapon damage, increased damage gap (ex: 15 min damage - 60 max damage) for more chance of random damage.
  • Modified the immunity of the boots (Immunity gives you the probability of not receiving a negative effect from enemies, the higher the value of immunity, the better the probability). Boots defense increased.
  • Modified monsters statistics such as: speed, hardness and vision range of some enemies. This makes them more or less fast, they can be pushed with weapons, and they can see you from farther away and attack you. ATK and HP increased.
  • Option to reduce the probability of enemies dropping objects.
Monsters Statistics: "x3 HP & x2 ATK, x3 ATK, x0.5 HP & x5 ATK, x0.1 HP & x9999 ATK(Insta-kill)"
Monster Less Drops: "5%, 10%, 25%, 50%"


  • The days necessary for an animal to become an adult and begin to produce were increased. 
  • The days that must pass for an animal to produce were increased.
  • The sale price of the animals with 5 hearts was modified, increased or decreased according to the animal.
  • (Days to obtain the product of an animal / Days necessary to reach the adult stage / Final sale price with 5 hearts) example:
  1. Chickens: (1 / 3 / 1040 >>> 2 / 5 / 1300).
  2. Ducks: (2/ 5 / 5200 >>> 3 / 7 / 4800).
  3. Rabbits: (4 / 6 / 10400 >>> 5 / 7 / 9500).
  4. Dinosaurs: (- / - / 1300 >>> - / - / 1625).
  5. Cows: (1 / 5 / 1950 >>> 2 / 7 / 2000).
  6. Goats: (2 / 5 / 5200 >>> 3 / 7 / 4800).
  7. Pigs: (1 / 10 / 20800 >>> 2 / 7 / 18000).
  8. Sheep: (3 / 4 / 10400 >>> 4 / 5 / 9500).
  9. Ostrich: (-/-/20800 >>> -/-/ 18000)
(Before >>> After)
Difficulty: "x1.5, x2, x3"


  • Now the ancient fruit seeds can be harvested every 28 days, better sow it on day 1 of spring or summer. The price for the fruit was greatly increased, remember that it dies in winter.
  • The sweet gem berry seeds should be sown in summer instead of fall, between days 1 to 3 of summer. The crop will take 53 days to harvest. The price of the berry was greatly increased.
  • The hops will now grow in 9 days (previously 11), but after the first harvest they will return to production every 2 days.
  • Using fertilizer or skills reduces the time needed for crops to grow (There is a limit), but does not reduce after-harvest time. 
  • Values integrated to the option "Income And Recovery Reduction".
  • An option to make all crops (except the above mentioned) take up to 50% more time to growDoes not affect after-harvest.
Difficulty: "10%, 25%, 50%"


  • Increased the amount of ore you need to make a bar
(Example values. The final values vary depending on the chosen difficulty. See instructions in the folder mod):
  1. copper and iron ore (5 >>> 6), 
  2. gold and iridium ore (5 >>> 7), 
  3. radioactive ore (5 >>> 8).
(Before >>> After )

  • Now you will need less pieces of wood (previously 10) to make a unit of coal in the kiln.
  • You can also use torches to make a coal unit.
Several difficulties, detailed in the mod folder, see the manual there.


The amount of experience you gain in all activities will now be reduced 3x, slowing down the process of leveling up. 
If you don't like this you can change it in the settings by following the instructions in the same folder.


  • Modified the difficulty of fishing during the fishing mini-game. It varies according to the fish.
  • Most of the fish were increased in difficulty. The most difficult ones, such as the legend fish, were slightly reduced in difficulty.
  • The difficulty makes the fish move more frequently during the fishing mini-game. (Varies according to the selected difficulty mode)
  • Disabled by default
Three difficulties: Hard, Omega (Constant Move) and Crazy (Random Move).


  • Added new items such as caps, tiaras, 4 new crops and 1 fruit tree.
  • Get the new caps and tiaras with the hat mouse.
  • Golden Strawberry: Get its seeds at pierre's store, takes 56 days to grow, withstands all seasons except winter.
  • Golden winged strawberry: Get its seeds at pierre's store in year 2, it takes 112 days (one year) to grow, withstands all seasons and rewards with a great monetary value.
  • Silver Strawberry: Get its seeds at pierre's store, grow it in summer, it takes 8 days to madure. Can become giant
  • Strawbit: Get its seeds from pierre's store (winter only), grow it in winter, it takes 6 days to mature and produces 1 to 3 baby strawberries every day.
  • Clover Gamma: Get its seeds at pierre's store in year 2, grow it in summer, it takes 8 days to madure. Can become giant.
  • StrawPeach Tree: Buy it at pierre's store, bears fruit in fall.
  • Added new recipes: Whipped cream, strawberry milk, strawberry cream cup, Lucky milk, Ultra milk. Get it from Gus.

If you play the game "Celeste" visit my custom map, it's a tricks guide for the game

-Slower Relationships-

  • This option makes the gifts that villagers usually like, now they don't like them so much, which gives less heart points and friendship takes longer to grow.


Extract the mod in the mods folder.
And that's it, great right?

This mod is compatible with windows, linux and mobile versions.
You can use similar mods whenever you change my mod settings to avoid errors or incompatibilities.
It does not negatively affect saved games, but I recommend a new game to enjoy from the beginning.

Important data:
  • Due to game limitations, items in possession and bundles will not change during gameplay even if you change the mod options, however, new items will have the expected changes.
  • The mod, by modifying so many things, may have incompatibilities with certain mods that modify the same files, discretion is recommended.
  • The mod slows down the progress of the game in general, you can try the multiple options to generate a game that is to your liking.