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Welcome to the official mod of Industrialization, Original author by DraLUSAD, re-built and uploaded by kazuakisama, in collaboration in bringing you some great and unique concept in farming.

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Looking for the "Custom Farming Redux" version? go here - Industrialization for CFR

This mod provides with new machines and resources to the table, which tries to emulate that from other great games/mods such as Minecraft's Thermal Dynamics, Mekanism and Immersive Engineering & Starbound's Frackin universe and its own version, of Industrialization

here, is a brief overview of what currently is in store for you.

This machine will allow you to break down 5 (any)ore into 2 Pulverised material, in conjunction with either an Electric Furnace or Alternator E. Furnace, will smelt just 1 Pulverised materiel into 1 bar, allowing you to double your Bar output.

Electric Furnace
Much like its counter part, the Furnace, the Electric version runs without the need of fuel, as a bonus, smelting times have been cut in half, making the process twice as fast as a regular furnace.

Alternator E. Furnace
Much like its brother, the difference here it wont accept ores to smelt, instead, will only accept pulverised materials, this make "Automation" a necessity, when placed along side a Chest and a Pulveriser, will automate the work for you.
(You will need these mods to allow Automation PFMAutomate & Automate)

Prismatic Chromium Furnace
An exceptionally powerful furnace, which not only does it produce 2 bars at a time, but also works 4x as fast, with an added bonus of improving its quality to Iridium, requires end game materials to be made.

Ceramic Kiln
This machine is a must have for any industrious pursuers, as Bricks is required in almost every machine, feeding it 5 clay and 1 coal, will produce you 20 bricks, a starting block in any industrial machines.

Combustion Generator
Most machines need Battery Packs, and you'd usually need to wait till summer to even acquire them, with this machine, loading it with 3 coal will produce you 1 Battery pack, giving you an early start in battery production, this can be further enhanced when fed with 1 Solar Essence and 1 Void Essence, the production time is longer, but you'll earn 3 batteries instead.

Solar Generator
A more powerful version to the Combustion Generator, which harnesses the power of sunlight, produces 1 battery pack, daily (Does not work whiles indoors, or when it rains).

Gem Polisher
A rather unique kind of machine, which... well... polishes your hard earned Gems, from Amethyst to Diamonds, they'll come out as shiny as ever, raising its quality straight to Iridium, now accepts Prismatic Shards.

Mineral Washer
The process could be considered the same to its Gem Polisher counter part, but instead, washes and cleans minerals, raising its quality to Iridium, making them twice as valuable, and even being more useful as gifts.

Rock Smasher
Got too much stones and need a clear out?, this machine will take 5 stones, in an attempt to extract valuable minerals, such as Coal, Copper, Iron or Gold, but has a chance to not find any, leaving behind Gravel (Path), however, the Rock smasher has multiple functions, such as breaking Geodes, and even crushing Bars back into their pulverised forms, which could be handy in the long run.

Hey bin/Rehydrator
A combo of two split machines, which as the name suggest, one turns fibre into hay, and hay into fibre, a go to method if you are in need of certain materials.

Tree Cloche
A device which nurses saplings into trees, which then auto harvests for wood, feeding it with 1 tree fertiliser and any tree seed, will produce the desired material, the down side to this method is you wont receive any seeds or sap, but the upside is you can earn wood faster and a lot more than growing/chopping them down manually

Garden Cloche
Another powerful based end game machine, when, loaded with 24 of any crop seed, will produce the final produce Iridium quality, with an added bonus of its use to being in any season, who needs a farm with Iridium Sprinklers, when you have these bad boys.

Auto Miner
This driller device, when loaded with 1 Battery, will allow it to collected minerals from underground, from coal, to iridium ore, it will draw out a large pool of resources for you.

Industrial Distillery
Basically a Keg, but if input five sets of materials to get five products. 

Preserves Press
Basically the above but a preserves jar. 

Modded Materials
Brick: As stated previously, its unique item functions to serve as a building block for machines, other uses might be considered later.
Prismatic Ingot: (Not to be confused with Prismatic Bars), feed an Electric or Alternator 5 Iridium bars and 1 prismatic shard as a catalyst/fuel
Chromium Bar: Combine Pulverised Prismatic shard, Iridium and Quartz (Via crarfting window) into Chromium Compound, then smelt

Other mods support
Support for PPJA crops
Support for Bonster's Crops