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Adds a Silkworm Mulberry tree and silk production to your game.

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  • Mandarin
Here's finally my silkworm mod! It adds Mulberry tree which attracts silkworms which can be hosted in the Silk Rack. After two day cocooning period you can collect the raw silk and put it into the loom to make silk cloth. This mod was greatly inspired by the Chinese game Harvest Town and the sprite for the silk was inspired by cometkins cloth sprite.

Default settings: The tree and the rack come to Pierre's shop 3th year. Worms on summer time. 5 worms in the rack at the time. 10 cocoons needed for a single cloth.

I also tried to add moths via custom crtitters but since I couldn't find a way to make the moths actually hover next to the silk rack (they just wander in the farm) i thought there wasn't much effect to it. This is my first game play mod and I really hope I got the coding correctly (it has been tested!).

I don't recommend using this mod with other silkworm mods because there will be duplicates !