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Upgraded Versions of the original Keg, with improved space efficiency. The Kegs come in Copper (x10), Iron (x25), Gold (x50), Iridium (x100) varieties. They are meant to be fair so I made the recipes cost 10, 25, 50, and 100 times the base cost.

This is meant to be a JA/PFM replacement for the CFR Mod.

Permissions and credits
The Main File (Use this if you use the mod Quality Products)
These Kegs also keep the quality of whatever was put into them.
The Optional File (Use this if you don't use the mod Quality Products)
These Kegs also follow the default jars function, the quality of whatever was put into them is ignored.

BugFix: Fixes missing Chinese Translations.
BugFix: Fixes Buying from Clint to allow the Recipes to be bought properly.
Feature: Allows for Buying the Machine from Clint as well, for 40% of the cost of the Recipe.
Adds Chinese Translations thanks to asqwedcxz741
Adds buying the recipe from Clint, instead of just getting the recipe by default.

Install Instructions
Extract the folder into the main Mods Folder

Update Instructions
Remove the following from the Mods Folder
"[JA] Upgraded Kegs"
"[PFM] Upgraded Kegs"

I've never uploaded anything here before, and I just made these today, so let me know if anything doesn't work right.

I used the some of the JA mod packs as a template for this:
So credit goes to them for showing me how to write this up.

The Custom Producer Mod by Digus and Json Assets by spacechase0, also made this possible so thanks for making something like this possible.

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