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Garden Village hasn't been updated in over a year. Technically, there has been no changes to this mod at all, it is still the 1.4.5 version on the old page. The only difference is, it uses Content Patcher to add the warps and stuff. Now you don't need TMXL or PYTK to run this mod. The original Garden Village has open permissions.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Read the old description for what this mod has and also read the changes in this description.

Not all mods listed in the requirements are needed for this to work, they are just optional mods that go into the shops if you have them. ONLY THE MODS LISTED WITH "A MUST!" ARE ACTUALLY NEEDED!

Original Mod Page
Changes to this version

This mod changes the warps and maps to use Content Patcher instead of TMXL and PYTK.
The old mod came with a folder that let it add PPJA, Bonster's, Winter Crops, and Baker's Life and they no longer work due to permission restrictions.
I have gotten rid of all assets used in those mods, this has just this mods assets.
It comes with the shops having vanilla items and this mod's own custom items.
Can be used with Walk to the Desert Redux and/or Walk to Garden Village.

I might add some new vanilla crops (or maybe my own custom crops) in the future to the shops.
If you want to add your mods to the shop, just let me know in a DM and I'll go ahead with the additions when I can.
1. I do not need to use assets of a mod to make it work.
2. I pretty much make it a "When" token and add your mods unique ID when I add your items.
So users still have to download your mods to get them to work!
I do plan to add support to certain mods to have them sold in the shops, you'll obviously need to download the mod in question first, as it won't have anything from that mod in here without it.

An Easy Way without the BusStop

Walk to Garden Village

This will allow you to walk to the Garden Village and if you use this version of Garden Village, you don't need pytk!

Walk to the Desert Redux

Now supports this version of Garden Village and can be used with or without Walk to Garden Village! Also lets you go to Garden Village without the bus!

What adding support to other mods mean

So I wanted to post this since someone found it confusing and I figured my old description didn't make much sense for this.
When I add a new mod for support, it takes away those mods from vanilla shops, the reason for this, is it declutters the vanilla shops, in case other mods add to it and your not scrolling through a massive list of things. That being said, this mod doesn't really have much in terms of content yet, so right now if this isn't to your liking, just uninstall this mod. This mod is a huge WIP for me as I don't know the full ins and outs of modding.

Mods for Garden Village

Garden Village Shops Retexture
This mod changes the looks of the shops and it's amazing. It even has support for recolors!