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Changes mead made from flower honeys from Mizu's Flowers and Ancient Crops to look like their respective honey. Also includes a BAGI pack in the "traditional" style for Ancient Crops as well as an optional liqueur made from AC's Ancient Flower.

Permissions and credits
If you've ever gone for a flower-focussed farm, you've probably stumbled upon mods that add flowers and other crops, perhaps also Better Mead Icons and Floral Liqueurs. If you're anything like me, though, you'd be annoyed by the fact that both liqueurs and meads look the same, so I tried to fix that.

This mod uses the amazing mead bottles made by Teyla recolored to fit the flowers from Mizu's Flowers and Ancient Crops, with the fancier bottles reserved for more expensive flowers. Do note, however, that you'll need a way to make mead remember the honey it's made from – I personally use Quality of Life since QoL and its successor Modular Gameplay Overhaul don't have this feature anymore, Flower Meads is the new (or old?) go-to. If you prefer the more classic style of the original BAGI icons, I also included a BAGI pack for AC. If you don't want it, you can simply delete the folder.

Under optional files, you can also find a liqueur made by putting AC's Ancient Flower into a keg to fit in with Floral Liqueurs. Note that you'll need JSON Assets, PFM and (optionally if you want to age the liqueur) CCM if you want this part to work – but if you're using Floral Liqueurs, you probably have them already anyways.

This is my first mod ever – if you've got any feedback or bugs to report, please leave a post and I'll get back to you asap. :)

You'll need:

As easy as it gets: Make sure you have all required mods, download my files, unzip them and place them into your mod folder. If you want to uninstall them, just delete the files again. If you use the optional liqueur, though, make sure to sell or otherwise get rid of it before deleting its folders. SMAPI should prevent any crashes, but better safe than sorry!

Credits/Thanks to...
  • The creators of all the frameworks mentioned above
  • Teyla for their mead bottles
  • Mizu for Mizu's Flowers
  • TrentXV for Ancient Crops (and allowing me to make this, heh)
  • The SDV discord for answering every stupid question I had while making this

If you like honey-based BAGI packs, you might also be interested in the icons for the vanilla fruit trees I made. :)