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Adds PFM support for Neonify's BFAV Fennecs. Fennec loot can be refined at the recycling machine a la Trent's Raccoons.

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So, I adore Neonify's fennec mod. Sadly, converting their loot into useable items requires a machine that operates based on Custom Farming Redux, which as of 1.5, prevents the game from saving. So with the help of some peeps on the modding chat of the Stardew Valley discord, I modified the production rules for raccoons (from Trent's New Raccoons) to create "Fennec Settings."

TL;DR: Changes BFAV Fennec foxes loot to be refined in the recycling machine, negating the need for the recovery machine or CFR (which is deprecated). That's it. :3


Q: Why is this necessary/how'd this become a thing?
A: Presently, BFAV Fennec foxes depends on Trent XV's recovery machine (found as an optional on his new raccoons mod). At the time I noticed the need for this, he was a pretty busy dude, and at the suggestion of peeps on the Stardew Discord's mod-making channel, I opted to make the recycling machine process fennec loot rather than try to convert/wait for the conversion of the recovery machine to PFM. I'm not exactly a coder outside of HTML and whatever the heck .bat files use.

Q: Why go to the effort to make a fix for a seemingly abandoned mod?
A: Fops smol, ears big, diggy treasure adorable.

Q: Does the loot differ from the old recovery machine system?
A: Well no, but actually yes. See the "Technical" heading below.

Inside the rar is a folder called "[PFM] Fennec Settings". Just drop that folder in your Stardew Installation's "mods" folder. That's it!

As far as I can tell, none! Feel free to prove me wrong though! I'll gladly add them here if I can't find a way to resolve them!

So, due to some snags I ran into during the making of this, there are some slight alterations to the loot, as follows:

Fox treasure and Mysterious artifact will both have a fairly high chance to recycle into a cup of coffee because something something secret radar fox coffee machines hidden inside the fennecs' ears that enable zoomies. HOWEVER, each instance of those items has a different percent chance (alterable in the "producerrules.json" via software like notepad++) to drop the various things they did when placed in the Recovery Machine back when CFR was a thing, with the exception of the strange dolls. SMAPI/PFM's json interpret-y thing seems to throw a fit and ignore the Mysterious Artifact rules entirely when those are possible results, so if you really really love those, I'm sorry. They died for a noble cause (making the recycling machine process Mysterious Artifact), and will be mourned. Manly tears, Fs in chat, like, subscribe, comment.

TrentXV for the raccoon settings submod in their Trent's New Raccoons mod, which this mod was made via heavy editing of.
PeacefulEnd and MouseyPounds on the SDV Discord for their help and patience.
Everybody responsible for the mods that this one is for/requires.
ConcernedApe for SDV.