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About this mod

This Mod allows you to grow Monster Drops as Crops. It also allows you to use a Seed Maker to turn Monster Drops into different kinds of fertilizers.

Permissions and credits
Translation Credits!
Thank you to jina2ya (KAYA) for providing the Korean Translation and the template for other future language translations!
Thank you to MrOrzUp for providing the Chinese (Simplified) Translation!

Specifics of the Mod
~The Recipes to make said crops are learned from the wizard once you get him to 3 hearts. [Event]

~All seeds must be crafted
~Bat Vines takes 2 Quartz and 1 coal to craft, Makes 2 seeds.
Takes 10 days to grow, Regrows after 4 days. (produces 1 per harvest)
Grows in Summer and Fall

~Bug Briar takes 10 bait, 5 stone, 5 wood, 1 mixed seeds, Makes 1 seed.
Takes 8 days to grow, Regrows after 3 days. (Produces 1-3 per harvest)
Grows in Spring and Fall

~Slime Reeds takes 1 coal, 5 Stone, 5 Fiber, 1 Clay to craft, Makes 1 seed.
Takes 19 days to grow, Regrows after 7 days. [Its a Paddy Type, Water reduces its required grow time by about 25%.] (Produces 2-6 per harvest)
Grows in all seasons

~Solar Flower takes 2 topaz and 1 egg to craft, Makes 5 seeds.
Takes 13 days to grow. (produces 1)
Grows in Summer

~Void Flower takes 2 amethyst and 1 coal to craft, Makes 5 seeds.
Takes 13 days to grow. (produces 1)
Grows in Winter

Seed Maker Can now Process Monster Drops (Each takes 60 minutes)

Bat Wing -> 2-3 Tree Fertilizer
Bug Meat -> 1-2 Basic Fertilizer
Slime -> 1-2 Quality Retaining Soil
Solar Essence -> 2-4 Quality Fertilizer
Void Essence -> 2-4 Deluxe Speed-Gro

Install all the required mods, listed in the requirements section above (and maybe some of the recommended)
Download the zip
Unzip the contents, it will have a Monster Crops Folder in it. 
You need to move that folder into your mod folder (which is inside the stardew valley folder).

I'm not too sure on this one, but It should be compatible with almost everything if i understand it correctly (It is my first time attempting this kind of mod)

Thank you to all those who provided help to me in the Stadew Valley Modding Discord.

I Try to fix everything before I publish, But I'm only human and makes mistakes, If you notice any errors or anything PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP, so i can fix it.