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Add "Ancichoke", a crop that looks like a more convenient version of an ancient fruit.
Ancient fruit with a 90% profit margin that can be harvested with a scythe.

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Why artichoke?
A.  Because I like it.

It's no secret that by the midpoint of the game, the place is filled with ancient fruit...
However, I have long thought that it would be very troublesome to harvest large quantities.
So they decided to create a crop that could replace the ancient fruit that could be harvested with a sickle at the expense of a little work and a little profit.

Specific features of the...
  • The seed specifications are exactly the same as those of the ancient fruit.
  • Harvesting can be done with a scythe, so you can plant a whole bunch!
  • The profit margin is set at 90% of the ancient fruit.
  • To obtain Ancichoke Seeds , a special seed maker is required, and three ancient fruits can produce one Ancichoke Seed.
  • Although the type is "vegetable," the concept is to replace ancient fruit, so when placed in barrels, juice wine is produced.
  • This juice wine can be put in a cask to improve its quality just like regular wine.

Dedicated barrels have been added that can process 5 and 10 Ancichoke each at a time.

"Ancichoke Seed Maker"  and "Ancichoke Keg" liberation conditions

Japanese is currently supported in addition to the default English.

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