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Have more wine than you know what to do with? Waiting for stacks of beer to age? Want to improve the quality of your juice? Expanded Casks can hold 10, 25, 50, or 100 items depending on level, and will age them for you in the same time as stock casks!

Permissions and credits
Expanded Casks is a companion mod to TheFox536's Upgraded Kegs and Upgraded Jars mods that provides similar capacity containers for aging products.

Clint sells the recipes for the casks, as well as the casks themselves. Cost for the casks are dependent on the difficulty - by default, the recipes are 150k for the Copper, 375k for the Iron, 750k for the Gold, and 1500k for the Iridium. The casks themselves are more reasonable at 5500/13750/27500/55000 gold each.

Mod versions:
Note that all configs will allow you to age all the stock products, along with Roe, Caviar, Pickles, Jelly, and Juice.


Default Edition:
Costs are the equivalent wood/hardwood to build the equivalent number of casks, plus 0.5 bars per capacity. So the copper cask will require 200 wood, 10 hardwood, and 5 copper bars to build. The iridium cask will cost 2000 wood, 100 hardwood, and 50 iridium bars (!) to create.

Note that this is the ONLY configuration that comes packed up 100% ready to play. The others, you'll need to mix and match.

Other Difficulties:
Easy: Half the resources of the normal config, no bars required.
Normal No Bars: Exactly what it says on the tin. This is technically the most stock-alike of the options, since the cost of a tiered cask is exactly the same as the number of casks it replaces.
Normal: Same as default difficulty.
Hard: Requires 125% more resources over Normal.
Excessive: Requires 200% more resources over normal.

Graphics Packs

Stock Art:
Edits of the existing cask graphics in game, with a band representing the tier of the cask. Somewhat more subtle than the existing keg mods. This is the art included for the default package.

Taiyokun's Art:
Taiyokun made some custom casks for this mod! This is a second option for art.

Vivid Art:
A hue shift of the stock casks, to better match the aesthetic of the TheFox536 kegs/jars.

Install Instructions:
For the default edition:

  • Install the dependencies - JSON Assets, Producer Framework Mod, and of course, SMAPI.
  • Unzip the default edition folder to your Stardew Valley\Mods folder, making sure you do NOT extract it to its own folder. You should have the following folders in your Mods directory when completed:
[JA] Expanded Casks
[PFM] Expanded Casks

  • If you have a folder in your mods directory called "Expanded Casks Default Edition", you've done it wrong. Delete the folder and try again. :)

For the various difficulties/graphics packs:
  • Unfortunately, this is a bit more complex than the above option. If you're familiar with how JA packs work, you just copy the cask graphics under the graphics pack into the BigCraftables folder in the difficulty pack. Afterwards, you can remove the graphics pack folder.
  • See the article for more information on how to install difficulty/graphics packs.

  • These don't work quite like regular casks - you need to pull the product out and put it back into the cask for it to continue aging through the next step. Automate helps a lot with this, if that's your gameplay style.
  • You can NOT break the cask to get the product back! Once you put it in, it's stuck in there like any other production machine. Plan accordingly.
  • If you're using Producer Framework Mod v1.7.2 or earlier, there is a bug which causes items from these casks to not stack with items aged in stock casks. The items are otherwise functional, but it's something to be aware of.
  • If you're using Lookup Anything or some other mod that displays remaining processing time, the times appear to be wrong. As far as I can tell, they're actually correct because of how Stardew Valley time passes - 2am-6am is 400 minutes, not 240.

I'm hanging out on the Stardew Valley Discord as Epsilon, if you've got questions or comments about this mod.

TheFox536 for doing the mods that inspired this.
Digus for doing PFM and providing the hint that finally allowed me to crack this issue - we've been without oversized casks for too long!
Digus again for looking over the mod, providing some suggestions on how to clean up the configs, and discovering and fixing a bug.
Taiyokun for an art pack.
MJA1981 for suggestions and feedback.