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Change Retaining Soil to work for the whole field, not individual spots. All adjacent soil will either retain water or dry out together.

Permissions and credits
Current version: 1.1.0
  • Changes to make it compatible with SMAPI 4
  • Change to use MFM through the interface. The dependency is not required anymore.

Change the behavior of Retaining Soil to make somewhat useful.
Before, after you upgrade your watering can for the first time, the randomness of tiles retaining water made the Retaining Soil completely useless.
Now you can plan your fields to either not have to worry or have to water the whole thing.

How does it work:
  • If you have MFM you will receive a letter explaining the changes once you are level 4 and can craft Retaining Soil, or after the 15th day of the first spring, when Pierre starts selling it.
  • The letter is just for flavor, once you install the mod it should already be working.
  • Crop's growth is calculated at the end of the day, as is Retaining Soil. So, reloading a save will not change how the water was retained the day before. But playing the whole day again using an old save might have different outcomes.
  • After the game retain water for a tile, the mod check for adjacent watered tiles using the same quality of Retaining Soil and save that value to apply to that tile when it is calculated.
  • So the chances of retaining water are the same as the base game, the only difference is that the calculation for one tile is applied to all adjacent tiles.
  • Paddy crops will be ignored when calculating Fields with Retaining Soils.


This mod is compatible with SMAPI support to i18n files. It has an official translation for pt-BR, but you can translating for your language using the following this instructions:

  • Delete the mod from the installation folder.

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