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Adds sericulture and sericulture items, and adds new cloth types.

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This mod allows you to create four new types of fabric.

  • Three Blue Jazz flowers can now be placed in a loom to make Bluecotton cloth.
  • Ten fiber can now be placed in a loom to make Linen Cloth.
  • Adds a "Silkworm Tray" for sericulture purposes.
  • "Cloth" has been slightly altered to "Wool Cloth".
  •  Salmonberries and blackberries are changed to mulberries, and are actually now somewhat useful. These can be fed to the silkworm tray to produce silkworm cocoons.
  • They will also now produce Green Tea when placed in kegs
  • Five silkworm cocoons can be placed in a loom to make Silk Cloth.
  • All four fabric types can be used in tailoring or for gifting purposes.


- Stardew Valley 1.5+
- Content Patcher 1.23.0+
- SMAPI 3.12.6+
-Producer Framework Mod 1.7.3+
-Json Assets 1.9.1+

Set up to overwrite some sprites in cometkins' Better Crops and Foraging and Better Artisan Goods. If you use a mod that edits the sprites for cloth, salmonberries or blackberries, you will need to add it as a dependancy to the CP mod in this set.


Just drag and drop into your mod folder.