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Me sell artisan goods. Okay, poke? Bring coines. 20 New Machines and 150+ New Items!

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  • Mandarin
  • German

I'm working on making one master file

I'm routinely putting out updates fixes bugs as fast as I can. Keep reporting them and I'll fix what I can.

It's finally here! 'Artisan Valley' is the collaborative effort of the members of Popular Project JsonAssets.
Since the days of CustomCrops, @SpringsSong began work on a port of Mizu's Artisan Goods + Machines. With the release of Custom Farming Redux this became more of a reality and as of the end of February 2018, I took over the coding for Artisan Valley.

- 20 N E W Machines
- 150+ Items

Without these people this project would still be only sprites


and everyone who tested & contributed to these files!

This project is now ready for public release!

We made it to the hot files!

- While released, consider this mod beta. Please report any bugs as it is hard to test well over 150 items.
- Not all items are craftable yet, this is due to the crops still being made. You can purchase these items temporarily at Pierres. 
- Placing too many different custom machines in the same area (ex. house, exterior, shed) may cause framerate stutters
- The creator of CFR is working on replicating this to see if there is a fix
- You have been warned

Below is a link to a public Google Sheet document. Documentation is an ongoing progress and may be incorrect.


- Latest version of JsonAssets [using an older version will result in your crops turning invisible] + dependencies
- Latest version of SMAPI 2.5+
- Latest version of Custom Farming Redux + its dependencies
- Project Populate JsonAssets Content Pack Collection

When you download this zip file and open it, you will see similar to the following

A folder titled Mods. This corresponds to your SDV Mods folder.

Next, open this folder to show two more folders: [JA] Artisan Valley Machine Goods & CustomFarmingRedux

Drag + Drop [JA] Artisan Valley Machine Goods directly into your SDV Mods folder. Then open the CustomFarmingRedux folder. This CustomFarmingRedux folder corresponds to your CustomFarmingRedux folder inside your SDV Mods folder.

You'll see a folder titled Machines, open it. This corresponds to the Machines folder inside your SDV/Mods/CustomFarmingRedux folder.

Finally, you'll see [CFR] Artisan Valley (CFR may be excluded in the title but it's the same file). Drag + Drop this folder into your SDV/Mods/CustomFarmingRedux/Machines folder.

In the end your folders should look similar to this

Alternatively, you can drag + drop the entire /Mods folder from this download directly into your SDV/Mods folder.
Content Pack support will be coming to CustomFarmingRedux soon so that will eliminate a majority of these steps.

Additional Instructions can be found here.

- Delete every existing item made from this mod
- Remove the corresponding folder(s) inside /Mods & /CustomFarmingRedux/Machines

If you miss any (especially in your inventory) you can crash your game.