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Adds a flow hive which produces usable honeys from flowers.

Flow honey can be used to make honey jelly, unique meads, and can be used as unique ingredient components.

Permissions and credits

This is a piece of that mod, which I segregated so that it could be made widely available for recipe use. If you have Teas and Trees installed, you already have every aspect of this mod in your game. 

This Mod:
  • Adds Flow Hive as a machine, which produces honeys when flowers are placed into it.
  • - Recipe unlocks at Level 5 Foraging
  • - These honeys are uniquely coded items, and as such can be used as unique components for recipes and crafting.
  • Adds unique assets for honeys, honey jellies, and meads for vanilla flowers.
  • Produces "Honeycomb" at random which can make "Royal Jelly"
  • - This DOES NOT CLASH with other mods which use assets of the same name.
  • Adds a "Glass Pane" for crafting, which is made with Glass Shards in a Furnace.
  • - Robin Shop add-on adds glass pane to Robin's shop as well.
  • - Requires Mail Framework Mod
  • - Requires Shop Tile Framework

This Mod Does Not Automatically Turn Flowers Into Honey. 
The point of this mod is to allow honey made from different flowers to act as unique crafting items.  Tulip Honey will make Tulip Honey Jelly and Tulip Mead, each of these items can be used as a unique item for crafting or recipe production.  Mods which only change the name of the honey produced, but do not create individual assets for said honeys do not produce unique items that can be used for recipes or crafting.  If a content pack does not exist for an additional crop mod, those flowers will not function with this machine. 

This mod will cause two versions of each vanilla honey to be producable: a "Honey" which is the vanilla game asset, and a "Flow Honey" which can be used to make jelly, and is recognized as an individual asset for modding purposes.

This mod presently only adds honey assets for vanilla game flowers. Honey assets for Raffadax Teas and Trees are built into that mod. 

Any mod owners who would like to request a content pack be created for their flowers can contact me here or:
  • Discord - Raffadax#4340
  • Twitter - Raffadax

You do not need my permission to use these assets to produce recipes.

You do not need my permission to craft machines with the glass pane.

You do not need my permission to create a language patch for this mod.