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This mod adds 80 NEW items types, 4 NEW crops and 4 NEW machines!!

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

  • 80 new items to your game. They all look unique and it is possible to play this mod without knowing the recipes of them. The only thing that you need to know, is that most of the breads are a combination of flour and another item, so if you think logically you can find all of them on your own. They are crafted in the bread ovens. The recipes for the new breads are in the description, but there are also a few easter egg breads that you can find on your own.
  • Four new machines. Three of them are for making bread and one is an early method of getting flour. The bread ovens now have fire animations to make them look a lot better.
  • 4 new crops: Spelt, Barley, Durum and Rye. These can be crafted into flour using the small flour mill to afterwards be crafted into bread using the bread ovens. The seeds are bought at Pierre's shop.

 Download the mod
 Add it to your mods folder
 Download and add the requirements to your mods folder
 Have fun :D

Thanks a lot to @CherryNekow for making the French translation for my mod! This would not have been possible without her.
She also helped me make a few descriptions a lot better and notified me of a few still existing bugs.
Thanks a lot to @Jely For making the German translation for my mod!
Thanks a lot to @6squad For making the Russian translation for my mod!

You can dm me if you would also like to make a translation for this mod as I do not know all languages and google translate isn't really the best source for translating more specific items.

Common Questions:
"Help my machines don't work!!!"
They do work, but you have to hold the item that is unique to the recipe for that type of bread.
So if you want to make banana bread, you would have to hold the banana and not the flour.

Complementary Mods
Always Wheat: This mods makes it so you can plant wheat in all seasons (except winter). This really helps out the gameplay with this mod, as            this allows you to make bread the whole year.
Miller Time:      This mod allows you to craft my custom flour using the in game mill if you install my miller time add-on.
If you have more mods that work very nice with mine, let me know and I will also put them here.

 Tell me about what you think of the sprites. I would be happy to change some around if they aren't to your liking.
 Translate the mod. (There aren't any restrictions on translating the mod, so feel free to upload it as a seperate mod on nexus)
 Tell me about cakes I haven't included into this mod, so I might be able to add them in the future.
 Bugs: Just anything out of the ordinary.
 Balancing: I am not really that good at balancing, so if you have any opinions on that, I would love to hear them.
 Kind words are always appreciated
 Endorsement? :D

I will read all the comments and I will consider all the requests :D