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This mod adds 65 new recipes and 2 new artisan goods into the game, including cookies, cakes, ice cream, syrups, and more!

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  • Mandarin
♡Sweet Tooth Update 1.6!♡
!! As always, make sure you delete the old Sweet Tooth folders in your Mods directory before adding the new ones in !!
 This update contains some major edibility tweaks along with overhauled sprites for many items. Notable new items from this update include: Bear Cupcakes (4 flavors), Mushroom Cupcakes (4 flavors), 4 new eclair flavors, cream puffs (5 flavors), and peach cobbler. Enjoy, and please comment if you encounter any bugs! ♡♡
Korean translation from KAYA/jina2ya

(Old updates v) 


♡Sweet Tooth Update 1.5!♡
This update makes some tweaks with gift tastes, edibility, and wonky ingredients. It also adds 11 new recipes for a total of 67 items total! Enjoy, and please comment if you encounter any bugs! ♡♡
Korean translation from KAYA/jina2ya and Chinese translation from eyne9421!

♡Sweet Tooth Update 1.4!♡

This update fixes bugs with gift tastes and the ice cream machine, as well as modifying all cookie recipes to replace 1 milk with 1 egg. It also adds 13 new items: Festive Sprinkled Sugar Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Heart CookiesPowdered Sugar Lemon Cookies, Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies, Snickerdoodle CookiesPastel Pink EclairPastel Purple EclairPumpkin Cake BarLavender Vanilla CakeRose Petal Cake, and Lemon Drizzle Cake.

(Spanish translation by ailer)

♡Sweet Tooth Update 1.3!♡
This update adds 15 new items, gift taste support on most items, updated ice cream sprites (with base by infectmeinjectme/ParadigmNomad), and compatibility with Artisan Valley for ice cream production via the ice cream machines. These new items are Black Forest Cake, Candy Corn, Chili Chocolate Lava Cake, Coffee Ice Cream, Cookie Pizza, Goat Cheese Ice Cream, Green Frog Cake, Key Lime Tea Cookies, Lavender Ice Cream, Lemon Ice Cream, Maple Leaf Cookies, Pink Frog Cake, Pumpkin Swirl Ice Cream, Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, and Victoria Sponge Cake. Please be aware that Mint Ice Cream is removed in this update, so your IDs may have problems due to that. This mod will only work with the latest non-beta version of SMAPI and the unofficial update to Json Assets. Link to the unofficial Json Assets will be in the window when you download. (Sweet Tooth was updated to version 1.3 on 10/15/2018)

♡ Sweet Tooth Update 1.2! ♡
This update adds 6 new items: Coffee Eclair, Vanilla Eclair, Lavender Cake Bar, Lemon Blueberry Cake Bar, Mint Chocolate Cake Bar, and Strawberry Cake Bar. 

♡Sweet Tooth Update 1.1!♡
Thanks to the lovely infectmeinjectme/ParadigmNomad, Sweet Tooth has now been updated for SMAPI 2.5 as of March 25th 2018. Be sure to update your version of JsonAssets, and place the content pack in the mods directory instead of the JsonAssets ContentPacks folder. 

♡Sweet Tooth 1.0♡
This mod adds 19 new recipes and 2 artisan goods into the game. The recipes include 6 different popsicles, 8 varieties of ice cream, and more. Most recipes can be  bought from Sandy, while a few items such as the Chocolate Syrup and Strawberry Syrup can be bought from Gus. A few items offer minor buffs. Be sure to check the requirements to make sure you have the required content packs installed! 

This mod will continue to be updated, so be sure to check back every once in a while to see if any new items have been added. Enjoy!