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Do you like cats? Then this is absolutely the mod for you! Prospurrity adds multiple cats, items, and machines that will enhance your Stardew experience.

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  • Japanese
What exactly does Prospurrity do?
Prospurrity adds 4 cats as barn animals, 36 items, and 3 machines.

- Himalayan Cat: Himalayans are adorable and useful; every other day, this cat leaves a bag of fish in its barn.
- Tortoiseshell Cat: What a lucky cat! Every other day it shares that luck through a dish.
- Russian Blue Cat: This one gives out tickets daily.
- Magical Cat: It has a little witch hat! This bizarre cat will give you coffee.
(To collect the cat products, use a Milk Pail.)

- Fish Bag: A bag containing low-valued fish.
- Deluxe Fish Bag: A bag containing high-valued fish.
- Ticket: put in the Sweet Dispenser to get a sweet item.
- Premium Ticket: put in the Sweet Dispenser to get a sweet item.
- Special Limited Ticket: Put in the dispenser to get a special rare item~
- Cat Cakes (6 different kinds): An edible cake. Obtained from the Sweet Dispenser.
- Cat Ice Cream (17 different kinds): Ice cream! Obtained from the Ice Cream Maker.
- Cat Chocolates (4 different kinds): Chocolates shaped like cats. Obtained from the Sweet Dispenser.
- Cat Cupcakes (4 different kinds): Obtained from the Sweet Dispenser.
(The ice cream recipes can be found in the Article tab.)
Edible items are all Artisan Goods.


Buy the recipes at Marnie's for 2000g each, or buy the machines there for 4000g each.
- Aquarium: Put your fish bags in here to produce a random fish.
Recipe: 100 bait, 50 stones, 1 sea urchin
- Sweet Dispenser: Insert a ticket to get a sweet food.
Recipe: 10 sugar, 25 wood, 1 jelly
- Ice Cream Maker: Makes cat-shaped ice cream; uses Sugar as the starter ingredient.

Recipe: 2 iron bars, 5 frozen tears


Required Mods:

First, make sure the following mods are installed:
- Content Patcher (link)
- Json Assets (link)
- Producer Framework Mod (link)
- Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety
*Use the updated and working unofficial version of BFAV (link)

Optional mods for extra cat ice cream:
- PPJA - Fruits and Veggies (link)

Download, unzip, and copy each Prospurrity folder into your mods folder.