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Even more food! A collaboration (and main hub) for loads of new recipes.

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  • Chinese - Mandarin


It is not a standalone mod. Please make sure you have installed everything required correctly before reporting bug issues.

wow this description sure looks copy+pasted

Even More Recipes for you to cook! The screenshots do a good job at showcasing the amount of items but there is even more! Phew, let's get cookin'!

- ChefRude
- silyn
- ParadigmNomad
- Yoseiri

Special thanks to mominthevalley for testing & Minerva for editing the edibility values!

We made it to the hot files!

- This is a collaboration between many modders from the SDV discord, if you have questions about specific sprites feel free to post in #modding on the discord server
- Not all items are recipes, some are only sold by Gus or Pierre
- I apologize if not all items featured in the screenshots are currently included in this mod, there's a lot to sift through and some may have been accidentally included in pictures

Below is a link to a public Google Sheet document. Documentation is an ongoing progress.


- Latest version of JsonAssets
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Fresh Meat - An 'Alternative' Butcher Mod (optional, see files)
Artisan Valley [and all of its dependencies]

Phew that's a lot

- Install SMAPI
- Install JSONAssets
- Download any additional dependencies and follow their install instructions
- Download this mod and extract the zipfile anywhere you want
- Drop the folder directly into /Mods

Additional Instructions can be found here.

- Delete every existing food item made from this mod
- Remove the corresponding folder(s) inside /Mods

If you miss any (especially in your inventory) you can crash your game. 

I cannot provide direct support for any issues with JsonAssets, and only some support for converted sprites.
If you are not happy with edibility, cost, purchase requirements, or sell they can be edited in the .JSON for each recipe. See here for more details on what each attribute means.