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Adds special "Inspiration" forage, which can be used to create works of art, which can be gifted to villagers.

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Update 1.1

Important: For this update you will need to install MultiYieldCrops and the ProducerFrameworkMod.
That done, you'll get:

- More than doubled amount of Writings and Drawings (of course with the corresponding painting to hang up in your house, you can buy them at Robin's)
- No new Baking stuff, but the Wet Cake Mix now does not longer need specific eggs and milk
- BUT I also added the Producinator, a machine that turns large produce into small produce and flower honey into wild honey. (Also can turn two "egg"y items into a dinosaur egg, which takes many hours to process).
- Also added several crafting stations which can be arranged next to each other in any order you want. Currently there are three types plus a right side and left side one (the latter are only decorative, and only cost 1 wood to craft). You can start with the Screw Clamp Workbank at the Thinker.
- The Thinker has a new sprite - it's still ugly, but hopefully less so.
- Added two new crops: A regrowing weed crop (one version for each version), which drops regular Inspiration , a new weed related inspiration and of course lots of fiber; and a Moth Orchid. The Orchid also drops a new type of Inspiration and Blossoms - which can actually be sold. But to get an Orchid you will need to grow a seedling first, which can be crafted from an Orchid Blossom and Orchid Substratum by using the new Seed Preparator machine. It will take your orchid a long time to grow...
- You can also use the Seed Preparator to make Seeds from which you can grow fruit tree saplings.
(Currently only the six from the vanilla game ). The machine also makes the different weed seeds. You might want to get into writing to find out the nessesary ingridients.
- You can also turn all that fiber you grow into hay with the Feed Mill. You'll also need wheat, amaranth, corn or beet.
- Also added several new types of inspiration, which are still forageables (except the two which come from crops); expanded and fine tuned the appearing of inspirations and made sure that all of them are used in recipes at least once. Also made minor adjustments to old recipies.

Known issues:
- When you plant the second stage of the orchid, it will be change color drastically when watered, like seeds do. This will change after it reaches the next stage. Just pretend your new orchid has been stressed by the implanting into its forever pot.
- When holding certain items and clicking on certain crops, they will drop their items.
- The painting easel sometimes turns onto the thinker when clicking with the right mouse button on it.
Those issues don't come from my mod itself, but seem to have some deeper source.

- Putting fiber into the seed maker creates Fall Weed Seeds. I want to remove the ability to make seeds this way and also seeds from saplings and the orchid and the orchid starter, but this will happen in a future update.

I wanted to have an option in the game which feels a bit more personal for giftig to NPCs. With this mod there now exists one :)

Inspiring Valley adds special forage items that represent inspiration, which can be found all around the valley, although some are much rarer and turn up only under certain conditions - but you also can craft all of them besides the most basic one via a special crafting station, but it's not cheap.
Inspiration has no monetary value, but can regenerate a tiny bit of health (except a few exceptions that should not be eaten). You can cosolidate the basic one into a salad, so you can gulp it down easier, with a crafting station that only costs 1 inspiration to craft, so feel free to plop down a new one whenever you need it. It's currently a bit ugly, so trash it when you're finished ;)

This crafting stations also offers the option to craft 4 other crafting stations:
Commode with Moodboard
Here you can craft special inspirations. Think of your farmer making a conscious efford to get into a certain mood.
Currently there exist 11 types of special inspirations plus the basic one.
Ergonomic Standing Desk
Explore your literary ambitions by writing things. Currently (Version 1.0.0) there are 20 different things you can write.
Ergonomis Painting Easel
It's like the desk, but you can make drawings instead. Currently (Version 1.0.0) there are 12 different things you can draw.
I wanted to give the player the option to turn their drawings into paintings to hang up at home, but the custom furniture framework only  allows adding to Robins shop, so you can get all those possible paintings there, without any prerequisites. See this as an add-on until (and if)  I figure out how to get them into the game how I imagined it.
Magic Baking Oven
Yes, you can even use (basic) inspiration to bake. Currently (Version 1.0.0) there are 23 different cakes (and similar) you can bake, one for each type of fruit, including a repeat and a fruitless one, plus a 3 part cake mix that is the basis for all of them.

1. Have all prerequisite mods installed
(SMAPI, Content Patcher, SpaceCore, Platonymous Toolkit, JsonAssets, CustomCraftingStations, FarmTypeManager"
2. Also have those installed for the full experience
CustomFurniture (for the paintings), ContentPatcherAnimations (for the animation of the inspirations) ,
(otherwise remove the respective folders from the mod afterwards)
3. Unzip the zip into your mod folder

Future Plans:

- More stuff to draw and write
- More types of things to make
- More Inspirations
- Adding a few quests so not every recipe will be available from the beginning anymore.
- Ideally even get a few events in there, or maybe even custom reactions for specific items, but I'll need to find out first, if this is actually doable ;)

Feel free to point out if I made any writing mistakes, English is not my first language (auf der anderen Seite könnt ihr euch an der deutschen Übersetzung erfreuen).
The mod currently only supports Vanilla characters, so If you made a custom NPC you want to have preferences added for, feel free to contact me.