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Do you think there is a lack of flowers in Stardew Valley? Have you ever thought about planting flowers in winter? This mod adds 24 new traditionnal Chinese flowers("二十四番花信风" in Chinese) that can be planted in winter, spring and summer. Besides, there are also 7 flower artisan goods and 3 flower recipes.

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Introducition for flower calendar:
In ancient China, people divided the period from Lesser Cold("小寒" in Chinese, which means a little cold.) to Grain Rain("谷雨" in Chinese, which means rain when grain is growing.) into eight solar terms("节气" in Chinese, similar to a couple of week.), each of which was divided into three periods("候应" in Chinese). And each period corresponds to a flower. In other words, the ancients relied on blossoms to infer time and this way of recording dates is called Flower Calendar.
Introducition for the mod:
The mod added the 24 flowers, 7 flower artisan goods and 3 flower recipes. 12 of the 24 flowers grow in spring and 6 of the other 12 flowers grow in summer when the rest grow in winter. I uploaded their pictures to the media for your reference.
And I have wrote a read me txt in the mod file to introduce how can you get the seeds and recipes. Thank you for your downloads and may you enjoy it.
该模组添加了 24 朵花、7 种花卉工匠商品和 3 种花卉食谱。24朵花中有12朵生长在春天,其他12朵花中有6朵在夏天生长,其余的在冬天生长。在Media页面我已经上传了一部分花的种植效果图供各位参考。