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Since you've had luck growing an ancient seed, let's see how your green thumb treats these ancient crops.

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  • Portuguese
Gunther was impressed by your ability to grow that ancient seed. Maybe you'll have good luck growing these seed packets he found.

You can discover the new items through gameplay or you can check out the guide:
Guide to this mod (Spoilers!)

Documentation for the new items is also on the MouseyPounds database.


- Latest version of Json Assets
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of SpaceCore
- Latest version of Mail Framework Mod
- Latest version of BAGI (optional, to change appearance of artisan goods)
- Artisan Valley + all dependencies (optional but recommended. Required to craft certain objects)

Install guide:
1) Download and install all requirements listed above, with or without the optional requirements.
2) Download this mod and extract the zip file anywhere you would like. There are 4 files included in the download:
[BAGI] Ancient Crops (optional)
[CP] Ancient Crops
[JA] Ancient Crops
[PFM] Ancient Crops
3) Drag & Drop the extracted folders directly into the /Mods folder.

Uninstall guide:
- Delete every existing item made from this mod. If you miss any you can crash your game!
- Remove the corresponding folders inside /Mods

Coding - TrentXV
Art - 6480
Chinese translation - kaoiy123
French translation - Abdess & Wailwolf
German translation - Jeardius
Hungarian translation - Macskasajt05 
Japanese translation - yakioden411
Korean translation - HaxtonSale1
Portuguese translation - ertila007 & TrentXV
Russian translation - SentryNekoAneko
Spanish translation - Ellesar