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About this mod

You get a visit from the mysterious Mineral Guild to improve your mining skills with :
-9 new machines! (with their recipes to buy)
-New area!
-Some new faces and shops!
-A variety of tips and instructions!.
-Works with PFM-Automate!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Mineral Mage 1.0.0  (Not compatible with SDVE)

Optimized to work with Automate (with PFM-Automate patch)
Requires : Jewelcraft 3.0.3  
Recomended! : Animated Gemstones !!

Introduction :
The new machines help through your early mining stages up to end-game stages.
Vanilla mining always feel left way behind in comparison with farming, so this new machines help to reduce the gap, without being OP early on.
(Tested this for about 2 whole in game months, and you still need a considerable amount of work to make profit).

It requires you to go to the mines very often (Miner´s life) and make use of the other resources you find.

What they do?
The mineral guild members make experiments very often with common objects like "Stone, fiber, slime, sap, simple fish, fruits..." etc.
The basic idea is to make them more useful towards a succeful miner lifestyle.
You get more minerals/gems And you get more options to process them into jewelry with the option to polish them! for that extra value!

Even if it says 1.0.0 , there is more stuff planned. More machines, items, events and quests!
So this, while a fully playable release, is just the begining :) 

Unpack in your Stardew Valley\Mods folder
Be sure to have the Requirements.

You have an Event when you enter the forest area (South of your farm)
There you will tell where to go.

West to Marnie´s Ranch, Behind a Tree. 
You´ll finde a Small prismPortal. go!  touch it!.