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Adds the ability to use the seed maker to get saplings from the tree produce in the base Stardew Valley game, as well as modded trees from various packs!

Permissions and credits
Have you ever wanted to get your own produce saplings from produce you already made instead of buying them from Pierre all the time? Frustrated that the seed maker will take produce from regular crops but not from trees?

Based off of metalax's Produce to Sapling set of mods, Sapling GET allows you to put any of the tree produce from the base game (includes the new version 1.5 trees!) as well as the tree produce from multiple mod packs (more added over time!) in the seed maker to get their respective saplings. You will receive additional saplings if the crop you put into the seed maker is higher quality (silver = 2 saplings, gold = 3 saplings, iridium = 4 saplings).

This mod requires Producer Framework Mod to function.

What if I don't have/want all of the modded trees/produce?
That's OK! This mod will work with as few as ZERO modded trees since it supports the base game trees! You do still need your game set up to run mods with SMAPI and Producer Framework Mod at the minimum.

What trees are currently supported?
You can look at the articles tab for a breakdown of what trees are in what modpack, but here are all of the currently supported packs. All trees in each pack are supported:

MUSHROOM TREES HAVE BEEN ADDED! In the vanilla game, common mushrooms make Fall Seeds with the seedmaker. Purple and red mushrooms do nothing with the seedmaker in vanilla. HOWEVER! Sapling Get makes it so purple and red mushrooms can be put in the seedmaker and you will get mushroom tree seeds! I did not want to change the functionality of common mushrooms, so they will still give fall seeds.

Important Note:
Platonic's version of some of the crops will NOT be used if you also are using Bonster's Oddi-Trees, Raffadax, and/or SSaturn's Tropical Farm. See the mod page for Platonic's Exotic Stuff for more details. If you are missing any of those, Platonic's version will work in the seedmaker just fine. Another
important note is that I completely excluded the Eggfruit from this pack from the seedmaker specifically due to potential issues with Oddi-Trees since Oddi-Trees' Eggfruit is a crop, but Platonic's is a tree. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone who has both packs, but if there's anyone with JUST Exotic Stuff, this means you can't put Platonic's Eggfruit in the seedmaker. If anyone has any issues with this you can manually put Platonic's Eggfruit in yourself or I can make a small add-on pack. Let me know if there's interest!

A mod I like (or made) is not supported yet. How do I get it added?
I am only adding mods after receiving official permission from the mod makers. I am actively searching permission for more trees, but feel free to request whichever mod you would like in the comments! If you are a mod author, feel free to contact me directly through a DM or in the comments on this mod.

Where did Metal Trees go?
Since Silver Lilly has hidden Metal Trees from Nexus, I decided that to remove Metal Trees support. If you would like plants that can do the same thing but is still available to download, you can look at High Purity Ore Node Tree for a tree version like Metal Trees was (also includes more stuff than Metal Trees did!) or PPJA's Fantasy Crops for a crop version.

- Amburr for Spoopy Valley
- hadiwrites42 for Artisanal Soda Makers
- macskasajt (aka Platonic) for Platonic's Exotic Stuff, Platonic's Kynseed Plants, Pumpkin Days Hybrid Plants, and Simply Sour Cherry
- MelindaC for Fizzy Drinks
- metalax for creating the original Produce to Sapling mods
- paradigmnomad and the PPJA team for PPJA More Trees and PPJA Fresh Meat
- PurpleChickadee for Hybrid Fruit Trees
- rjgilber for Bonster's Crops and Bonster's Rare Crops and Oddi-Trees
- ssaturn for SSaturn's Tropical Farm
- TrentXV for Mermaid Island
- blu3ch1cken for Winter Crops