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Golden eggs will now produce golden mayonnaise, and ostrich eggs will make ostrich mayonnaise.

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Do you find yourself bothered by the fact that the two new special late-game birds, golden chickens and ostriches, have fancy eggs that produce regular, boring mayo? Sure, it's in larger quantities, but it's still just mayo. If so, this is the mod for you!

Golden eggs now produce Golden Mayonnaise, a liquid gold spread worth 2,500g, while ostrich eggs will make Ostrich Mayonnaise, a large jar of mayo with a base price of 2,000g. Both mayos take 5 hours to produce. By default the product will carry the star rating of the egg it is made from, but this can be turned off in the ProducerRules.json.

This mod needs Json Assets and the Producer Framework Mod to function.

Big thanks to the folks in the Stardew Valley Discord for helping me with the spritework, and my friend Cas for coming up with the item descriptions. Also, shoutout to the Blue Eggs mod, which inspired me to make this mod.