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Adds vanilla and PPJA edible flower sodas to the Artisanal Soda Makers mod- now with a specialty pack of other modded flowers AND a Quality Artisan Goods patch!

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NOTICE March 24 2021: The latest version of this mod merges all three previous packs (Vanilla/PPJA, Specialty Flowers, and Blue Rose) into one.  Remember to DELETE all previous floral soda packs before updating!

Are you enjoying Hadi's Artisanal Soda Makers mod but wish you had even more options?  Want more things to do with all your modded flowers?  Want to add two full pages to your shipping tab??  Then this is the mod for you!

This mod adds functionality to turn edible* flowers into syrup, which can then be used to create floral sodas and cream sodas.  Each soda or cream soda has its own buffs and gift tastes as well!

To Install:
  1. Make sure you have the most recent versions of JSON Assets and its dependencies, Producer Framework Mod, and Artisanal Soda Makers installed
  2. Make sure you have the desired crop mods listed below installed, otherwise PFM will skip the rules for all but the base game flowers (this will not impact your save file, and these mods can be added to your game at any time to enable their products in this mod)
  3. Unzip this mod into your Mods folder.  The main mod folder will contain two subfolders - one for JA, one for PFM

This mod adds the following products to the Soda Maker mod machines:

  • Syrup Maker: One flower + One Sugar = One floral syrup
  • Artisanal Soda Maker: One floral syrup + One sparkling water = One floral soda
  • Cream Soda Maker: One floral syrup + One sparkling water + One vanilla extract = One floral cream soda
  • Carbonator: Three coal + One flower = One flower flavored sparkling water

Edible flowers from the base game are included, along with products made with edible flowers from the following mods:

Ancient Crops
Bonster's Crops
Farmer to Florist
Fish's Flowers - Compatibility Version
Lucky Clover
Mizu's Flowers
Spoopy Valley
Six Plantable Crops for Winter

Update March 24, 2021: Complete reorganization that combines all three packs (Vanilla/PPJA, Specialty Flowers, and Blue Rose). Updates all sprites for greater visual legibility. Huge thanks to jina2ya for PFM update! 
Please note that if you do not have all included packs, the harmless yellow warnings that previously appeared in the SMAPI console have been disabled through PFM's new configuration option.  If you wish to receive these warnings, changing the config.json in the PFM folder from "Trace" to "Warn" will re-enable them in the SMAPI console.

Update July 29, 2020:
Mod has been entirely rebalanced and generic products for flowers not part of the specialty pack have been added, both thanks to DraconicArcher!

Update February 27, 2020:
Wingyl has created a Quality Artisan Products patch for both main download and the specialty pack- check it out if you want to add even more value to your products! *NOTE* This version is based on previous versions of this mod and may not reflect the latest version.

Update March 8, 2020: The main and specialty packs now have a Korean translation thanks to jina2ya!

*If there is a large outcry for sodas and syrups made from poisonous flowers, this may change, but in the interest of realism, only flowers you can actually eat in real life without needing your stomach pumped are included in this release.

Coming soon eventually: Floral colas! (pending update to BAGI)


Icons for the soda and cream soda bottles are modified from Zosa's Containers - thanks to Zosa for this fantastic resource!

Thank you to Hadi, KAYA, and the SDV MCN server, the PPJA team, Bonster, Amburr, FishWaffle64, and popobug for the wonderful mods!