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Add Trees for decoration purposes!

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How to install :
1. install smapi
2. install Content patcher/ json assets
3. Open the .rar file
4. Paste in /Mod folder
5. Finish!

v3.7: Add a new tree
-Changing Fate ( bears Essence of Seasons in Spring) buy from Krobus
- Gimmick of this tree is: you can form a bigger tree from smaller saplings
- You can get the extra pack, it contains the four forms of Changing Fates, they stay in their fixed seasonal form (i will merge this with the main mod if you guys think it would not clutter the main trees)

v3.6 adds two more trees
- Cherish Days ( bears Happy Memories in fall) buy from Robin
- World's Canvas (bears Hopeful Wish in fall) buy from Robin

v3.2.1 some minor grammar fix .thanks mark3425 for taking your time o3o)~

V3.2 -adds two new trees:
 -Back Charming (bears Grateful Tear in winter) buy from Robin
 -White Beauty (bears Graceful Soul in winter) buy from Robin
         - combine for Eternal Bond.
 Note: * before updating to the new version, be sure to chop down all the old "Moon Cruise" since the old one was a typo, the fixed one won't work with the old version.
   * changed some minor stats,
   * New icon for artisan goods (thanks eleseaHonu for the sprite works :D ) - need better artisan good icon mod to work properly.

v2.9 - adds two new plants to the game!
-Moon Cruise ( bears Moon Passenger in winter) buy from Willy
-Sun Journey ( bears Sun Passenger in summer) buy from Willy
 { aint they are so cute???!!!  <3 }
 * change the price of the books down to 500 ( so if u found them via Qi shop, it doesn't cost a leg)
 * change book mail chance from 1% => 5% .
 * No more Sus

V2.8 - make the magic tarot a stand-alone mod. Check them if you like ;0
       -Adds 4 more trees + 1 secret one.
 -Book of Spring bears Air Essence in the spring (get from krobus mail with 1% in spring at 3 hearts)
 -Book of Summer bears Fire Essence in the summer (get from krobus mail with 1% in summer at 3 hearts)
 -Book of Falls bears Earth Essence in the fall (get from krobus mail with 1% in fall at 3 hearts)
 -Book of Winter bears Water Essence in the winter (get from krobus mail with 1% in winter at 3 hearts)
-Secret tree: unknown ? ? ?

V2.3 Adds two new trees:
-Rivulet Bringer ( bears Splashing Stream in summer) buy from Krobus
-Hero's Journey ( bears Untold Story in fall) buy from Krobus
 -Adds some lamps, you can buy them from Robin
 -Some minor updates to the Rain dish sprite.
 V2.0 Back again with the Duality Update adds 2 new trees

-Zang-Zen (bears Iron Will in spring) buy from Dwarf
-Zin-Zen (bears Inner Peace in spring) buy from Krobus
- Find balance in yourself!

v1.8  Winter Update: 2 more new trees:
-Seasons Watcher (bears Crystal Bell in winter) buy from Krobus
-Nature's Embrace (bears Northern's Lullaby in winter) buy from Sandy
-Minor sprite change/fixes
-Now have update key  
Feel free to suggest ideas for the moment.. better if you can name them + season theme
v1.5 Adds buffs to Fruit!  No more boring one :D
        Adds Two more trees :
-Dancing Dream (bears Golden Wave in fall) buy from Sandy
-Stars Gazer (bears Cosmic Fragment in fall) buy from Krobus
- Have fun!
v1.3 Adds Two more trees :
-Rain Dish (bears Summer Drop in summer); buy from Krobus
-Wandering Bard (bears Soothing Song in Spring); buy from Sandy
v1.1 Fix that white pixel mistake that made me crazy.
v1.0 release: add 2 trees type:
-Love Bird (bears Blooming Heart in spring);
-Forest Prince (bears Forest Dew in summer)  buy them from Krobus
Some note:
-The Blooming Heart is a nice give to any love interest ( they like them or with Krobus who loved them ( Based and Krobus-pilled)  don't give them to married people tho).
-More trees will come in the future, I do take suggestions. ( don't expect fast progress though bc I have to draw via a mouse lol).
-Magic not included