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Add Trees for decoration purpose!

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How to install :
1. install smapi
2. install Content patcher/ json assets
3. Open the .rar file
4. Paste in /Mod folder
5. Finish!

Some note:
-The Blooming Heart is a nice give to any love interest ( they like them or with Krobus who loved them ( Based and Krobus-pilled)  dont give them to married people tho).
-More tree will conme in the future, i do tke suggestions. ( dont expect fast progess though bc i have to draw via a mouse lol).
-Magic not included

v1.0 release: add 2 trees type:
-Love Bird (bears Blooming Heart in spring);
-Forest Prince (bears Forest Dew in summer)  buy them from Krobus
v1.1 Fix that white pixel mistake that made me crazy.
v1.3 Adds Two more trees :
-Rain Dish (bears Summer Drop in summer); buy from Krobus
-Wandering Bard (bears Shoothing Song in Spring); buy from Sandy
v1.5 Adds buffs to Fruit!  No more boring one :D
        Adds Two more trees :
-Dancing Dream (bears Golden Wave in fall) buy from Sandy
-Stars Gazer (bears Cosmic Fragment in fall) buy from Krobus
IMPORTANT! :  if you want to keep up with new update please follow the mod with notification on since i dont know how to make a update code  (  atm :^]  )
- Have fun!
v1.8  Winter Update: 2 more new trees:
-Seasons Watcher (bears Crystal Bell in winter) buy from Krobus
-Nature's Embrace (bears Northern's Lulaby in winter) buy from Sandy
-Minor sprite change/fixes
-Now have update key  
 NOTE :This would be the last update at the moment, after this i would want to take a break a bit before continues with more mods :)
-even in only a short amount of time I  felt very gradeful for your support and comments
    :D see you guys again soon!
 also feel free to suggest ideas for the moment.. better if you can name them + season theme
 V2.0 Back again with the Duality Update adds 2 new trees
-Zang-Zen (bears Iron Will in spring) buy from Dwarf
-Zin-Zen (bears Inner Peace in spring) by from Krobus
- Find balance in yourself!
V2.3 Adds two new tree :
-Rivulet Bringer ( bears Splashing Stream in summer) buy from Krobus
-Hero's Journey ( bears Untold Story in fall) buy from Krobus
 -Adds some lamp, you can buy them from Robin
 -Some minor update to the Rain dish sprite.