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Adds Roosters to the game as a Coop Animal!

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|| About ||

This mod adds Roosters to the game! You can buy them from Marnie after upgrading to the Big Coop!
Roosters don't lay eggs or find stuff in your field, in fact, they don't produce much of anything really, but having one in your barn encourages your chickens to lay more eggs! If you put one in your coop, expect to find an extra egg or two during your routine coop collecting! Be careful though, Roosters are very noisy, especially around other Roosters, don't get more than one unless your prepared for a crow fest!

|| Features ||

-This mod comes with, of course, a new addition to Marnie's livestock, the Rooster, which 'produce' large eggs and very rarely, Rooster Eggs
-Rooster Eggs can be used to make Rooster Mayonnaise or to hatch more Roosters that will keep you up at night!
-Both of these items are pretty ordinary at the moment, but maybe one of them will do something more in a future update... 
-Roosters Cost 800g
-Rooster Eggs sell for 200g
-Rooster Mayonnaise sells for 500g

|| Installation ||

- Make sure you have Json Assets, Better Farm Animal Variety, and Producer Framework installed
- Download the BFAV Rooster Zipfile
-Unzip the file into your respective mod folder

|| Updates ||

Make sure to delete the old file before installing the new one, future updates will likely contain renamed files or additional files that may get buggy if you just paste it over the old one. If something is bugged, delete the mod file and reinstall it.