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A standalone version of the jewelry expansion to my larger mod, Trinkets To Treasures. SVE and Vanilla Compatible.

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Version 2.0 is out now!!

2.0 brings some much needed changes to this mod. These include:

-Substantial increases to the sell prices of every item.
-Substantial decreases to the Crystalarium times. They are now much shorter than before.
-The final 2 events with the Dwarf have been changed to add more charm and depth to the character (hopefully). I think you all will enjoy them.
- One new quest.

This mod is almost identical to the jewelry expansion of my larger mod, Trinkets To Treasures. I'm providing this mod for those that don't want the events, machines, and items that are part of the artifact or enchanted jewelry section of that mod. Please do NOT use this mod and the complete mod together. They will conflict.

What this mod does exactly is that it will make it possible for you to craft different pieces of jewelry out of every mineral/gem in the game using a total of 4 new machines to do it. Each piece of jewelry will increase the value of the mineral/gem substantially, giving you a greater incentive to mine. Every machine has animations and SFX, and there is about 180 new items you can make if you wish. I decided not to add the items to the collectors page, so as to not clutter it up. Bear in mind, each machine is locked behind an event or quest.

For those that would like to know how to unlock them,  each event starts when:

Event 1: You’ve at least gotten the Dwarvish Translation Guide and have 2 hearts with Clint. The event will happen on the first Wednesday after you meet these requirements.

Event 2: Enter your farmhouse between 11pm and 2am once you're at 3 hearts with the Dwarf in year 2. There is a 20% chance of seeing it once you've met these conditions.

Event 3: In year 3 when you have between 6-7 hearts with the Dwarf. 50% chance of seeing it after meeting those conditions and walking into the Mountain area.

Event 4: In year 4 with the Dwarf at 10 hearts and the time is between 11pm and 2am upon entering the Town. There is a 50% chance of seeing it after meeting those conditions.

To Install:

Drop Trinkets To Treasures - Jewelry into mods folder.


Thank you to kittyjoker for all your help on VERSON 2.0!