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Add 21 New Berries, add 84 New Fruits, add 24 New Vegetables as forage
Add Crops and Fruit Trees

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  • Mandarin
Add more forage using BBM and FTM

this is my first mod, so your critics and suggestions are important

inspired by Joja Berries

check my other mods:
More Mushrooms as Forage - Aldino112

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Ver 1.5.1
- Add commentary on each item id for easier compatibility on other mods
- Rain Weather Berries now also bloom on Storm and Windy Weather
- Remove Town, SVE and RSV Exclusive forage location, i move the fruits to another location (i will upload new separate fruit mods to those location)
- not touching Translation file so translation author don't need to update their translation file
- For now, forage location only for : Cindersap Forest, Mountain, Desert, Railroad and Beach

15/06/2024 : add Item Bags Add-on made by cindylouwu

30/05/2024 : add french translation, translated by vin163

Ver 1.5.0
Now you can turn fruits forage into crop and trees, put 5 MBF FRUITS FORAGE into seed maker and you'll get the fruits sapling --- You can Delete (PFM) folder inside if you don't use PFM, and download the optional file

Ver 1.4.0
add berries seeds, now you can turn bush berries into crop

Ver 1.3.1
Add gift tastes, every NPC from vanilla, Stardew Valley Expanded and Ridgeside Valley will love 3-4 fruits from the main mods (i made it random, but no MARRIABLE NPC love berries from bush (so its not cheating)

Ver 1.3.0
add 7 new berries and 28 new fruits into the main mod

Ver 1.2.1
Remove PPJA Assets from main file, instead i turn it into an Add-on/optional file
Randomize fruit edibility

Ver 1.2.0
Add 4 New Berries (Reuse PPJA Assets)
Add 22 New Fruits (Reuse PPJA Assets)
Add 24 New Vegetables (Reuse PPJA Assets)
Add Exclusive Forage to both SVE and Ridgeside Village
Bring back winter forage spawn

Ver 1.1.1
Fix syntax error

Ver 1.1.0
Add 4 New Fruits (Forage)
Rebalancing the spawn rate
Rebalancing the spawn location
No more spawn on winter

Ver 1.0.0
10 New Berries (on Bush)
30 New Fruits (Forage)

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Locations = CHECK FORUM
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i didnt draw the assets myself, i got it from 

by: SciGho
License: CC-BY 4.0

Fantasy Farming - Fruits Pixel Art Pack
by: mrmilkduds
License: CC-BY

Bought from CUTE FRUITS (40 ICONS) 16x16
need to buy the sprites to be able to use this assets

Seeds package from 16x16 tiny garden free pack
by: kathychow

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To Do List:
Add more Fruits and Vegetable
Add more Artisan Goods
Add Recipes