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Adds new fish to the game. Check list to see more info.

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This mod adds 140 new fish to the game (fishable and crab pot). 
And another big list ( ~80) for the Ghibli Town mod (we are currently working on the maps) will be added soon.

The kois and goldfish can be used as crafting items for these fish tank mod:

Some new quests for year 2, 3 and 4, two new elixirs that the recipe is received as quest rewards.

Fish have been added to EVERYWHERE. (We would have added more, but the spawn rates were disrupted so we're adding new areas to fish @_@ to feed our fishing addiction).

We also included a monthly magazine that may give you some tips on where to fish the new fish (as well as some data from the vanilla fish).
NPCs Gift Taste have also been updated.

Tilapia no longer can be caught in the ocean as irl it's a freshwater fish, it's now in the pond/lake and town river.

This mod is NOT compatible with my other mod [CP] Freshwater Tilapia, if you use it, please remove as this mod already has its functions.
Also, NOT compatible with Longevity Mod.

Any mod that changes NPC Gift Tastes through Content Patcher may conflict as well, if you want you can opt it out on Config.json.

This mod will work with Teh's Fishing Overhaul, but you will need to delete you fish.json and fishTraits.json from Teh's fishing overhaul folder. Then run the game with More Fish installed.

A big thanks to Hisame Artwork that made the sprites and helped me with balancing. 

This mod contains a Lionfish Legacy configuration.

Video contains content from the More New Fish  5.0. I, Hisame, will make an updated video when we launch Ghibli  town.  

Fishing tutorial:

Things we want to do:

1. Finish Ghibli village mod. 
2. Finish new machines, food and crop recipes we have planned. Updates available in Hisame's discord server.  
3. Patch our other older mods.
4. Maybe a Mediterranean style gulf village (with even mooore tropical fish). 

*Hi folks!
So we have more ideas than we can do, usually I'm to blame. But if you know how to help us and would like to help then please join my little discord server and share your wisdom with us. English is not our first language so we need some help from native speakers.
- Hisame

All translators are welcome to translate our mod and post.
If you are looking for a Chinesee Version see:
Thank for text corrections:

Old fish video if you are feeling nostalgic: