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Garden Village is a new location, reachable by bus, that adds six new shops for better game immersion. Garden Village shifts many modded crops, cooking recipes, and crafting recipes away from the vanilla shops to help declutter menus. Includes a Florist, Diner, Bakery, Clothier, Artisanry, and Machine Shop.

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Do you love new content, but you're tired of scrolling through twenty pages of Pierre's shop menu? Then Garden Village is the solution for you!
This mod adds an all-new area called "Garden Village" which features five new shops, plus a machine shed where you can
purchase new machine blueprints.  Garden Village works with several other content mods (with permission) to redistribute
seeds and recipes away from the vanilla shops to declutter menus.  I've also done a little rebalancing of crops and recipes so that they are more evenly unlocked between years 1 and 3.

Known Bugs

Duplicate seeds or recipes in shops -- You will need to replace your patched version with a clean version to resolve this problem.

Item id collisions -- items change into other random items. Especially a problem with existing games with lots of other mods.

I think if you rename your Garden Village mod folder to "zzGarden Village" then that will fix it. SMAPI loads mods alphabetically, so if Garden Village is loaded last, then all the other mod items will get their ids assigned first.  You may also need to go into your save files folder, and remove or edit values in the Json folder to make sure no items have duplicate ids.

Multiplayer bugs -- known issue with multiplayer and mods that add new clothing. If you try to wear modded clothing (in this or any other mod) you may be unable to rejoin your multiplayer game unless you edit your save file.

What's new in version 1.4.5

Finally got the shop file and patches updated for all the changes to the dependent mods since the big 1.5 game update.  So you can't buy pineapple and taro seeds from the modded shops anymore.

Expand the spoiler tag if you want to read my thoughts on handling patches in the future.

I think I'm going to have to move away from doing so many patches for future updates.  It took me a full week  to make this update.  That's... way too long.  I'll never get to the content updates I want to if I have to do this every month or two.

I like the freedom that the patches give me -- I can have some things sold by Pierre, some by Gus, and some by my modded shops -- I can't do that without using patches.  Without patches, all the inventory either goes to all default shops or all modded shops.

Machines will still need to be patched.  But I can handle updating the patches for a few machines easier than updating 300 recipe patches.

Version 1.4.4

New required mod:  Custom NPC Exclusions.  Hekate and Hephaestus can't be your Winter Star giftee anymore.  Also changed introduction dialogue into cutscenes, so you don't have to talk to them to fulfill the introduction quest.


I have a work in progress spreadsheet that shows where things can be purchased, and when.  It's not complete yet, but it should make it easier for you to call me out if something isn't showing up in a shop when and where it should be.

How to visit Garden Village
Garden Village is reachable by bus, requiring the BusLocations mod to work.

Garden Village is also reachable on foot with the Walk to the Desert Expansion mod (brand new!)

Finally, in the ".Changes to Other Mods"folder, I've included an optional "warps.json" that adds a warp to
Garden Village.  This file would replace the default "warps.json" for the CJB Cheats Menu.

How to install Garden Village
To install the core part of Garden Village, just unzip the folder and copy it into your main mod folder. 
Mod dependencies

SMAPI (required)
Content Patcher (required)
JSON Assets (required)
Custom NPC Exclusions (NEW! required for NPC content)
Anti-social NPCs (NEW! required for NPC content)

BusLocations (required for new bus stop.  Unofficial update for Android is here.  New official update available!)
Producer Framework Mod (required)
Shop Tile Framework (required)
TMX Map Toolkit (required)
Spacecore (required by other content packs)
Mail Framework Mod (required)

Walk to the Desert (optional, gives you more maps and lets you walk to Garden Village without needing the bus)
BFAV Easter Bunnies (optional, lets you tailor the Flower Dance clothing)
Garden Village will work without the other content packs, but to really appreciate it, I recommend you install one or more of the
Baker's Life (patch needed, see article for instructions)
PPJA Artisan Valley (patch needed, see article for instructions)
PPJA Mega Pack, or individually:
PPJA Even More Recipes
PPJA Fresh Meat
PPJA Fruits and Veggies
PPJA Mizu's Flowers
PPJA More Recipes
PPJA More Trees  
Industrialization for PFM (patch needed, see article for instructions)
Bonster's Crops
Winter Crops
Apply patches to content packs
Once you have the content pack(s) installed, you will need to apply the Garden Village patches to change the default behavior (ie, the
default place to buy the items).  The patches are in the ".Changes to Other Mods" folder in the main Garden
Village mod folder.
Select one folder at a time, choose "copy," then locate the folder of the same name in its respective mod, and "paste"
the patch folder next to the original folder. You will get a warning prompt saying there are files with the same name.  Choose "replace" to overwrite the files and apply the patches. This process should change only the necessary files, and leave all the images and other content unchanged.
See the article for a more step-by-step explanation of how to apply the patches.

What content does Garden Village add?

The Florist has two shop menus: one for flower seeds,and one for the rest of the modded seeds in a "seed catalogue." 
New items:

A dozen roses in 4 different colors
Giant Allium (spring flower crop)
Baby's Breath (summer flower crop)
Mophead Hydrangea (summer flower crop)
Common Camellia (fall flower crop)
Morning Glories (fall flower crop)
Middlemist Red Camellia (indoor only, unlocks year 3, super expensive!)

The Diner sells a selection of vanilla and modded foods, plus a selection of modded recipes. 
The Bakery sells a selection of vanilla and modded baked goods, plus a selection of modded recipes. 
The Clothier sells Flower Dance and Wedding clothing,plus a few vanilla items.
New items:

Flower Dance Shirt
Flower Dance Blouse
Flower Dance Pants
Flower Dance Skirt
Flower Crown
Flower Dance Tuxedo
Black Wedding Shirt
Black Tuxedo
White Tuxedo
Black Dress Pants
White Dress Pants
Long Bridal Dress
Short Bridal Dress
Simple Bridal Dress
Black Dress Shoes
White Dress shoes
Blue Sneakers
Red Rubber Boots
Yellow Rubber Boots

The Artisanry sells a selection of vanilla and modded artisan goods.
New items:

Century Egg
Slime Cheese
Slime Mayonnaise

The Machine Shed sells the blueprints for modded machines.


Thanks to the following for allowing the use of their mod assets:
Ritsunesan for Baker's Life
Paradignomad for the various Project Populate Json Assets 
rjgilber for Bonster's Crops
uberkwefty for Winter Crops

Future updates

More flower crops!
Compatibility with Bonster's recipes
Add other customers to the shops
Make the shopkeepers into NPCs (in progress)