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Tired of waiting to complete your Community Center before you can stick it to The Man? Do you really, REALLY, like soft drinks, and wish Joja Cola would come in better, snootier flavors? If so, I present a set of Soda Makers, for all your hipster soda needs.

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  • Mandarin
  • Korean
This mod adds one new fruit tree, the Kola Tree, and five (Fully Animated!!) machines via Producer Framework Mod which produce over two hundred artisanal sodas made from fruit! You can purchase the recipes to make each machine from Khadija's Recipe Shop on Saturdays!

The machines are:
  • Carbonator - Makes Sparkling Water from 3 pieces of coal. If you add one fruit to the recipe, you'll make Flavored Sparkling Water! (only basic Sparkling Water makes soda)
  • Artisanal Soda Maker - Makes fruit sodas from 1 Sparkling Water + 1 Sugar + 1 Fruit
  • Cream Soda Maker - Makes cream sodas from 1 Sparkling Water + 1 Sugar + 1 Fruit + 1 Vanilla Extract
  • Syrup Maker - Makes syrup from 1 Fruit + 2 Sugars
  • Cola Maker -  Makes caffeinated beverages from 1 Fruit Syrup + 1 Sparkling Water + 1 Kola Nut

Note: This mod is separated into parts!

The main version of this mod includes the five machines, Kola Nuts, purchaseable Vanilla Extract, and support for all vanilla fruit. The optional PPJA pack includes fruit from Fruits  and Veggies and More Trees, and allows players to make their own Vanilla Extract through Artisan Valley.

There is also an optional pack that adds support for Eemie's Melons.

  • The recipes to make each machine can be purchased from Nasira of Khadija's Recipe Shop on Saturdays.
  • Note that different types of Pears, Watermelons, Melons, and Apples all produce the same soda. This is to prevent my wrist from breaking after making nearly 200 sprites.
  • Make sure you're using three coal on your Carbonator to produce your sparkling water. Syrup also requires two sugars.
  • There are a few secret "Special" recipes, such as Artisan Cola, Diet Cola, Vanilla Cola, and ???. Experiment and see what happens!
  • Before submitting a bug report, double check that you have the proper version installed and all its dependencies. Always delete old folders before updating your mods!
If you encounter any bugs that you cannot fix through troubleshooting, please submit a bug report and I will get back to you ASAP.

Goals for the Future:

  • Add support for other crop mods In progress: Eemee's Melons added in version 1.1.0, other mods being looked at
  • Animate all machines! Done!

Now go forth and undermine Joja Cola with your fresh, overpriced, hipster goodness. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

For even MORE sodas, please check out Fwippy's Flower Soda pack for this mod!!!! They're so cute!!

Also make sure to check out Fizzy Drinks by Fwippy and MelindaC!! This one adds forageables and fancy extracts, as well as several cool specialty sodas!!

Shoutout to Zosa, who very kindly shared their sprites with me! The Vanilla Extract sprite is based on theirs, and the syrup sprites are all inspired by their work! And another shoutout to Fwippy for spriting the Kola Tree!!

Thank you to Jely for taking the time to make a German translation of every single dang soda in this pack! That is a LOT of sodas... D: