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An offshoot of Artisanal Soda Makers, this mod focuses on specialty pop drinks. Based on RL sodas, this mod introduces four new foraging items, four new trees, eight new crops, two new machines and over eighty new products for your crafting experiences.

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This collaborative project started as a suggestion and then morphed into a full content pack. My comment at [PFM] Artisanal Soda Makers led to a collaborative project between me (MelindaC), hadiwrites42 and maerumaer2u into creating specialty pop drinks based on RL versions. Some unique ideas came as a result. 

This updated content pack includes:

  • Five new foraging items (Birch Bark, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras Root and Spruce Tips) that appear in Year 2+ (Mauby Bark has been added to Ginger Island replacing Stevia Plant as of 5.0.0)
  • Eight new crops (Stevia Plant, Guarana, Burdock, Muscat, Red Sorrel, Elderflower *new*, Lemon Balm *new* and Shiso *new*)
  • Four new fruit trees (Bitter Orange and Yerba Mate) available in Year 2+ and 3+ respectively (Kokum and Caju Fruit has been added as of 5.0.0)
  • Ten new cooking recipes (Root Beer Float, Dreamsicle Float, Hard Chinotto Soda, Hard Root Beer, Root Beer Ice Cream, Fize Blackberry Ginger Ale, Fize Cranberry Ginger Ale, Fize Green Tea Ginger Ale, Fize Lemonade Ginger Ale and Jasmine Tea Ginger Ale) As of 5.0.0 over a dozen new cooking recipes including new Fize Ginger Ales, Teas and Sparklers have been added!
  • Over thirty new products (Birch Extract, Ginger Extract, Chinotto Extract, Birch Beer, Chinotto Soda, Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Old Fashioned Sarsaparilla, Spruce Essence, Spruce Beer, Stevia Extract, Stevia Soda, Blue Bubblegum Soda, Maple Soda, Apple Beer, Butterscotch Soda, Cane Sugar Soda, Cappuccino Soda, Cucumber Soda, Espresso Soda, Ginseng Soda, Green Tea Soda, Guarana Extract, Guarana Soda, Julmust Soda, Maple Cream Soda, Yerba Mate Extract, Yerba Mate Soda, Yerba Mate Tea, Dandelion and Burdock Infusion, Dandelion and Burdock Soda, Red Sorrel Soda, Ginger Brew, Hard Ginger Brew, Jamaican Ginger Brew, Clear Joja Syrup, Joja Syrup, Tackleberry Syrup and much more!) As of 5.0.0 new products include tea-based sodas including Blueberry Green Tea and Chamomile Strawberry, Paneer Soda, Jeera Soda, Pickle Soda, Molasses Root Beer, Almond Cream Soda, Honey Cream Soda, Cajuina Soda, Mauby Soda, Kokum Soda, Cajuina Syrup, Mauby Syrup, Kokum Syrup, Rose Essence, Sweet Molasses and Pure Almond Extract!
  • Marble Soda Machine - requires 2 Iron Bars, 5 Coal and 1 Broken Glasses. Marble soda flavours include Blueberry, Melon, Orange, Original, Peach, Strawberry, Yogurt, Yuzu, Chili Oil, Coconut, Grape, Matcha, Muscat, Plum, Pomegranate, Banana, Mango and Pineapple, Bubblegum, Cherry and Cola. 
  • Joja Cola Maker which requires 10 Joja Colas, 2 Iron Bars and 5 Coals. Joja flavours include Cherry, Gold, Mate, Peach, Red, Strawberry, Jojanana (Banana), Jojango (Mango), Tackleberry, Baja, Crystal and Ice! Also several new Joja flavours for those not using Joja Cola Restock.
  • New optional compatibility recipes - Champagne Soda (must have Champagne Wishes for this to appear) and Shandy *new* (PPJA Starbrew Valley). Sparkler recipes must require Shaved Ice & Frozen Treats for them to appear.
  • Optional compatibility to Joja Restock, when set to "true" can make most of their products as well!
  • New foraging locations! Search Mauby Bark, Guarana, Red Sorrel Leaf and Yerba Mate in Ginger Island in their respective seasons!
  • Seed Maker recipes for Stevia Plant Seeds, Guarana Seeds, Red Sorrel Seeds and Yerba Mate Sapling using PFM. Requires Fresh Water for it to work.
  • Chicle Sap which can be used to make Chewing Gum has been added at Pierre's. 
  • Added cross-compatibility with Raffadax mods - you can now use several items to make Fizzy Drinks items. For more info, check the article.

Most crops, tree saplings and extracts are sold at Pierre's with the exemption of Lemon Balm and Elderflower which is sold at Marnie's. Recipes are sold at the Stardrop Saloon with the exemption of Joja Cola Maker and Tackleberry Syrup which is sold at Joja Shop. (See Article on how to add compatibility to other mods such as Khadija's and Raffadax Complete Production).

What You Need:

You are required to have the following:

Content Patcher
Json Assets
Artisanal Soda Makers
Expanded Preconditions Utility (for JA)
Farm Type Manager
Mail Framework Mod (for PPJA)
PPJA Artisan Valley 
PPJA Even More Recipes
PPJA Fruits & Veggies
PPJA More Recipes
PPJA Mizus Flowers
PPJA More Trees
Producer Framework Mod

These are optional dependencies:

Champagne Soda (for Champagne Soda recipe)
Joja Cola Restock (to make some products from mod)
Khadija's Recipe Shop
Starbrew Valley (for Shandy recipe)
PyTK (for Joja Cola Restock)
Shaved Ice & Frozen Treats (for Sparkler recipes)
Shop Tile Framework (for KRS)
TMXLoader (for JCR)

How to Install:

To install, place the required mods into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder. Then download
this mod and place it into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder. Extract
all the folders and place all the extracted folders into the Stardew
Valley/Mods folder. Delete the main folder and run it through SMAPI.
If no errors occur, you are finished!

How to Uninstall:

Remove all in-game items associated with this mod by either discarding or shipping them. Failure to do so can cause some issues and may even crash your game file. You can then delete all the folders. You can, of course, re-install as long as you still have all the required mods.


First, make sure you have all the required mods and they're up-to-date.
Create a SMAPI log and post the log link in the bug reports or posts section.
Please note that any content update may result in some bugged items. This is a JA issue and out of my scope. 
Please note that I am only responsible for this mod. If your problem is from another mod, go to that mod page or the Nexus Forums and ask for assistance.


MouseyPounds PPJA Reference LINK


Khadija's Recipe Shop- can add new items if desired. see Article on how to add compatibility for the new items.
Fully compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded and Joja Blackmarket. Please see Article for more info.
Immersive Shops - Pierre's- can add new items using STF. See Article on how to add them.
For compatibility to other mods such as Ridgeside Village and Raffadax, see Article.
Please note that I have not tested this with Android. Make sure all required mods are Android compatible before installing this mod. I can do a "lite" version for Android if requested.
This is not compatible with PPJA for DGA or other DGA mods that replaces the function of JA. Please note that PFM is not compatible with DGA and there are several issues making a DGA version unlikely. I may update this depending on any future updates from DGA or the game.

Offsite Compatibilities:

More Meads and Fizzy Drinks Korean have been moved to the mod author's site here. For more info, please contact jina2ya.
Champagne Wishes has been moved offsite to ModDrop. Please contact maerumaer2u for more info. You can check the link in the Requirements section.