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A craftable machine that brews tea and ONLY tea. It works with Automate (you also need PFM Automate), so you can put other things in a chest besides tea and they won't be targeted by the machine.

Permissions and credits
New in 1.0.5:

New in 1.0.4:

  • New animation - steam comes out of teacup
  • Compatibility with Cherry Blossom Cafe - you can brew the Cherry Blossom Tea (put the blossom in the tea station with tea leaves in your inventory
  • Fresh Corn Tea - a hot tea brewed from corn, based on Korean Corn tea which I love IRL
  • Added some buffs to my teas


  • A craftable machine that brews tea and ONLY tea (no wine or beer).

  • Works with automate (you also need PFM automate), so you can put other things in a chest besides tea, and they won't be targeted by the machine.

  • Faster than making tea in a Keg (you can change the times if you want in the producerrules.json).

  • Tea retains the quality of the leaves put in, so if you put in iridium tea leaves you will get iridium tea. This affects the price and also the edibility!

  • Makes Iced tea (requires ice from the mod 'Shaved Ice and Frozen Treats'). Thank you Hadi for permission.
  • Additional colors are included in an optional download folder (see 'optional downloads' for instructions).


  • More Tea thanks to permission from vNIANHUAv
  • Cherry Blossom Cafe - cherry blossom tea thanks to jina2ya
  • Should be compatible with all other JSON assets mods (e.g. PPJA)
  • Original teas in this mod use the prefix 'fresh' to avoid conflicts with other JSON assets


  • I made this mod because I have been using Coffee Maker and really liked it, so this is heavily inspired by that.
  • The creators of Artisan Valley which I used to figure out how to make this mod, so thank you to their creators!
  • Hadi for letting me use Shaved Ice and Frozen Treats as a dependency (iced tea).
  • ConcernedApe for the game and the artwork. The artwork in this mod is currently just cut and pasted from the original game.

To Do:

I am
working on a new animation for the mod. It will have a teapot that produces steam! I am not an artist so I rely on adapting images that already exist. If anyone would like me to include their art in this mod, for the machine or anything else created by me, please get in touch!

I also hope to make additional teas and iced teas. This depends on getting permission to use ingredients from other mods, and if I have time to make the art.

Future teas that would require ingredients from other mods include for example:
fresh iced lemon tea, lotus tea, ginger tea, fresh iced teas from the more tea teas, chai tea which would use black tea and spices from other mods, raspberry tea

I also plan on making additional teas with ingredients from the base game. For example:
artichoke tea,  corn tea (done).

My priority is making sure that there are not compatibility issues with other mods, so I plan on using 'fresh' as a prefix to my teas to avoid conflicts. I know that there are a lot of cooking recipes for teas out there, which I love. I thought it would be fun to have a different way of making teas and iced teas using existing ingredients, and to think of those as farm fresh artisan goods!

Any ideas or requests are welcome!