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A dedicated crafting station for coffee. Now with PFM version.

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Are you a big stickler for aesthetics?  Is keeping a keg in your farmhouse kitchen just for your morning coffee irritating the bejeezus out of you?  Well it was for me, so I've attempted to fix it.  This mod aims to add a standalone coffee maker that looks like it actually belongs in a kitchen.  The coffee maker is craftable, animated, and produces your morning cup of joe a lot faster than a keg because who in their right mind is waiting that long for a cup of coffee?  Still requires 5 beans per cup of coffee, does not currently make any special varieties.


New version added for the Producer Framework Mod thanks to the lovely folks at PPJA!  Things to note: At present, due to some limitations with Json Assets, the PFM version does not allow for multi-frame animations.  Hopefully that will be an option further down the line, but for now, the PFM coffee pot will not animate as the CFR version did.  If that's a deal breaker for you, I have left up the old CFR version, but please note that version will be unsupported going forward. 

Animations restored as of 11/14/2020 with thanks to bikinavisho!

If you are migrating existing machines to PFM, please check this guide or use this tool! 

Failure to use either will result in your existing machine disappearing.  Please follow instructions listed so your game does not break and you do not hurl curses at my name and bloodline.  Seriously, I am cursed already, folks.  Please read the guide.


Producer Framework Mod
Json Assets

Installation Instructions - PFM VERSION:

  1. Download and install SMAPI, Producer Framework Mod, and Json Assets.
  2. Download this mod and extract the contents.  There will be two subfolders - one for JA and one for PFM.  Copy both folders to your /Mods folder.

Installation Instructions - OLD CFR VERSION:

  1. Download and install Custom Farming Redux (as well as SMAPI and Content Patcher if you're lacking them).
  2. Unzip contents of this zip file to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  3. Craft and caffeinate!


Find and delete any existing machines in your game before removing the mod files.  Failure to do so can and will crash your game.